When it comes to Asian noodle dishes, Pad Thai is a go-to for many of those who live off of takeout. But you don’t have to order in to get the same flavors at home. Whether you follow a Keto, Paleo or just a well-balanced diet, there’s an easy Pad Thai recipe that you can prepare in no time. Keep scrolling for 16 unique options from zoodle Pad Thai to hot dogs and spring rolls.


1. Pad Thai Spring Rolls: Admit it — playing with your food is fun even in your 20s and 30s. If you have leftovers in the fridge and you want to transform them ever so slightly, wrap them in rice paper and make yourself some Pad Thai spring rolls. (via Minimalist Baker)


2. Pad Thai Fries: You won’t even think about ketchup with a plate of these fries in front of you. They’re loaded with peanuts, cilantro and bean sprouts, then drizzled with an addictive vegan Sriracha mayo. (via The Edgy Veg)


3. Pad Thai Zoodles: Swapping zucchini noodles for traditional rice noodles ensures that your meal stays low-carb. If you bring this for lunch, your co-workers are going to be very jealous. (via As Easy As Apple Pie)


4. Keto Pad Thai: To make this Pad Thai seem authentic but keep it Keto-friendly, try using Tofu Shirataki Fettuccine as your noodle of choice. Just be sure to rinse them really well before you toss them with the rest of the ingredients. (via Keto Connect)


5. Low-Carb Pad Thai: Allow us to introduce you to kelp noodles. They’re what allow this dish to be low carb, and they have a very similar texture to rice noodles. All you have to do is give them a soak in hot water and they’ll be ready to swim with your sauce! (via Wicked Spatula)


6. No Noodle Pad Thai: Spiralized daikon radish, zucchini and carrots serve as the “noodles” in this raw Pad Thai salad. Toss with a savory peanut sauce and top with black sesame seeds before digging into this healthy and crunchy treat. (via Cookie and Kate)


7. Pad Thai Fry Dogs: This isn’t just any old ballpark fare: This all-beef hot dog is topped with fries, slaw, spicy Sriracha ketchup AND a creamy peanut satay sauce. WHOA. (via Taste and See)


8. Pork Pad Thai: This protein-packed dish leaves *nothing* to be desired. It’s got everything you want in a classic Pad Thai and then some (including a totally delicious food coma, obvi). (via Garnish and Glaze)


9. Easy Vegan Pad Thai: Pad Thai commonly includes tofu, so adapting it to be totally vegan is actually pretty simple. Try using a cast iron pan for an extra-crispy exterior. (via My Darling Vegan)


10. Paleo Pad Thai With Carrot and Sweet Potato Noodles: This Paleo preparation uses sunflower butter in place of peanut butter and spiralized veggies instead of noodles to keep it totally compliant. Finish it off by topping with sunflower seeds and scrambled eggs for protein. (via Nosh and Nourish)


11. Quinoa Pad Thai: Who says you have to be able to twirl your fork around your Pad Thai to make it delicious? To up the nutrition and keep the dish filling, use quinoa in place of noodles for a unique twist. (via Cooking for Keeps)


12. Easy Shrimp Pad Thai: Americanized Pad Thai is frequently loaded with peanut butter, which is something that this more traditional version is missing. If you’re looking to stay true to the OG, this one is *fab.* (via Hapa Nom Nom)


13. Spaghetti Squash Pad Thai With Spicy Peanut Tofu: This spicy peanut tofu, though. You won’t miss the noodles in this Pad Thai one bit, because you’ll be drooling over the rest of the sweet and zesty dish. (via Homegrown Provisions)


14. Spicy Vegan Pad Thai: Vegan or not, this Pad Thai will rock your world. Customize it with whatever veggies you fancy and adjust the heat level to your tolerance level. (via Delish Knowledge)


15. Rainbow Vegetarian Pad Thai With Peanuts and Basil: Mixing part rice noodles and part zucchini noodles eliminates some of the carbs without sacrificing the classic flavor and texture. Add tons of chopped peanuts on top for a crunch and shredded basil for a fresh flavor. (via Pinch of Yum)


16. Pad Thai Salad: This salad is excellent as a flavorful and healthy side to a full Thai spread. To make it a hearty main dish, add plenty of shredded chicken or shrimp to the veggies. (via The Londoner)

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