When it comes to easy-as-pie DIY, this project has all your bases covered. Materials? Two. Project time? 10 minutes. The results? Chic, retro, and totally handmade. It’s what we like to call a win-win-win. Okay, we’ve never used that expression before and we will probably never use it again, but just go with it for now, alright? ;)

Vintage Holiday Cups

We created these cups for sipping hot cocoa, hot cider, and a soon-to-be-revealed ultimate eggnog recipe!

 – glass punch cups

– red and gold paint pens


1. Paint red triangles on the bottom of your cup.

2. Paint gold dots in the triangles.

3. Drink punch!

Clear cups? Why yes! These actually came along with a punch bowl, but we don’t recommend using paint pens on larger dishes like that. The key here is keeping your design on the bottom half of the cup, so you don’t run the risk of getting any excess paint inside the cup. Also to note, these cups will last as long as you hand wash them but won’t make it through the dishwasher.

First, draw some red triangles. We varied the size for every other triangle, and used the bottom rim as our starting point for each one.

Paint Pen Pro Tip: We experimented a bit on an extra glass and found that opaque paint pens in solid colors work directly on the glass, but metallic ones bubble up.

Poof! It’s a burst of red triangles!

Continue with as many cups you like. We made six.

Now it’s time to add those gold details! As we mentioned, we ran into some trouble with the metallic paint pens but found that if you use a metallic paint pen on top of a layer of regular paint pen, you’re totally in business. We did a series of dots on each triangle.


DIY Christmas Cups

What are your favorite hot holiday drinks? Talk to us in the comments below.