Other than cars that don’t use their turning signals, nothing’s makes a cyclist go ughhhh more than a flat tire. But the pesky “pop” that signals an early end to your weekend ride, a definite late arrival to work, and the not-so hilarious title of DFL in your alley cat race is no longer a total pain in the saddle to mend. With the aptly named Patchnride, you can mend your flat like a pro in under 60 seconds.

If you’re met wheel-on with a piece of sharp debris, don’t rush to ask Siri to find the nearest bike repair shop: Patchnride makes long treks to the cycle MD a thing of the past. Just roll up your arm warmers and get ready for an easy roadside DIY. First, pinpoint the puncture with its split-sleuthing leak detector, then insert the Patchnride into the hole. Push the slider forward to inject the tire with its patch pod, then remove the pocket-sized gadget from your tire, and press down on the repair to set it. Pump up your tire to its pre-poked fullness and you’re ready to pedal away.

You can patch the same tire up to four or five times with Patchnride before you ever have to think about removing your wheel from your frame (read: grease + tool kit-free repair!!!). Not only does it expand the lifespan of your tire tube, but Patchnride also extends the length of time your bills get to stay in your wallet, which means you’re one month closer to owning that coveted Rapha jersey. Doubly so if you pre-order Patchnride today. Early adopters get to snatch up this wonder-tool at half-price: $25 for it + two patch pods and two leak detectors, which seems like a small price to pay in exchange for care-free riding.

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(h/t Uncrate)