Our favorite little bud vases are back for a fun, colorful revamp. No need for plain ceramics around the house when a few paint pens can brighten them up in no time! Woot woot!

 – white bud vases

– painter’s tape

– DecoColor paint pens


1. Tape off sections of each vase that you would like to be pattern “dipped.”

2. Draw your tribal pattern designs onto the sections you’ve taped off.

3. Once your design is finished, peel away the tape to reveal a clean edge.

4. Style with a few small flowers, buds, and leaves, and display!

With just a few simple materials, we’ll transform plain old bud vases into conversation-worthy pieces for your dining table, mantel, or bookshelf. These would also make for a great Valentine’s Day gift, filled with a few blossoming buds, of course ;)

First off, wrap the painter’s tape all the way around each vase, taping off the sections you would like to be patterned, and smoothing down the edge where your design will start.

Practice a few designs on paper first, or grab life by the horns and move right in with the paint pens! To get that crisp edge and clean dipped look, slightly overlap your design over the painter’s tape. You’ll thank us for it later at the reveal!

Layer up all the colors and patterns you’d like, and don’t be afraid of the occasional happy accident. The beauty of the tribal look is that it doesn’t have to be perfect!

We did a few different designs to make our set.

Isn’t it amazing how just a few simple lines can turn into a beautiful pattern?

Gotta get a touch of gold in there ;)

Now for the big reveal! Just tear off the painter’s tape, throw in a few small flowers or buds, and admire your artistic work!

What else could you jazz up with a few colorful paint pens? Tell us about your pattern-loving plans in the comments below!