We’re all for putting unconventional things in our guacamole, but some people are more traditional (like Chipotle, they’re basically purists). Well, Jeb Bush and President Obama found something they can certainly agree on. Peas in guacamole? Just say no.


Last month on The Tonight Show, Jeb Bush told Jimmy Fallon in no uncertain terms that he does NOT like peas in his guacamole. Nope. Nada. None. Sorry, peas. He had this final word to say about it on Twitter:

Well, The New York Timesprinted a guacamole recipe this morning that called for, guess what? Peas. The ensuing Twitter debate was so heated, someone decided to ask President Obama his thoughts. Turns out, our POTUS sides with Bush. He’s not a fan of the idea of peas in traditional guac either.

Who knew unifying the two parties could be as easy as a little green legume? Apparently, the addition of English green peas will add chunkiness and sweetness to the dip. Frankly, that doesn’t sound bad to us, but some abide by the rule, if it ain’t broke don’t add peas to it… you get the point. (PS: Don’t tell, but we’re secretly excited to try it.)

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Will you be trying peas in your guacamole or is it an absolutely no way? Tell us in the comments below!

(Photos via Jon Raedle/Getty + Dominic Perri for The New York Times, h/t The New York Times)