Listen, don鈥檛 freak out. We love pumpkin spice still. We make treats with it 鈥 we practically bleed PSL, people! But you know what they say, variety is the spice of life and it doesn鈥檛 always have to be pumpkin flavored. Even if it鈥檚 fall.

You鈥檙e going to g0 nuts about the new M&M鈥檚 flavor 鈥 Pecan Pie!


Pecan Pie flavored M&Ms are in stores now. According to Hello Giggles, the candy won鈥檛 have an actual pecan inside (which is good because those are freaking HUGE) but they鈥檒l still have a nutty taste that sounds delicious. Looks like Thanksgiving came a little early.

Yes, we鈥檒l want to eat these suckers by the handful but they could also be great in baking too. We dare you to try them on a caramel apple or in your fave cookie batter or to make a nutty candy bark. Either way, we鈥檙e already hungry.

What is your favorite M&M? Also do you think the green M&M is attractive/would make a good girlfriend? Tell us in the comments, bonus points if you write your comment on a bag of M&Ms and send it to the Brit+Co office.

(h/t Hello Giggles, image courtesy of Mars inc.)