This time of year, the best buddy to ride tandem with you on those bike trips to the beach, or even on your daily spin to work is that nice yummy breeze. For even a sec, it’s bye-bye, boob and helmet head sweat, hello sweet relief. Oh, except for when that pervy breeze blows up your skirt, showing the world and your BLBF (Bike Lane Boyfriend) what color underwear you decided to wear today. Awesome. Not embarrassing or mortifying AT ALL.

Like all crappy things in life, there is a hack for that thanks to a UK group of cyclists who like bikes, skirts and understand the two don’t always play well together. All you need to never flash innocent sidewalk standers your skivvies again is a penny and a rubber band. Watch the video below to find out how a penny in yo’ pants will solve the prob for good:

Genius! The Penny In Yo’ Pants movement is gearing up (get it? Like, bike gears! lololol) to launch a Kickstarter for a refined version of the penny/rubber band hack that will cut down on the way the current fix makes the skirt pucker. A proceed of the PIYP profits will benefit the Afghanistan’s women’s cycling team in the hopes of inspiring two-wheeled role models for women in the country and all over the world. We don’t think we’ve ever been this excited for a Kickstarter that hasn’t happened just yet. But oh, we will be there when it launches.

Penny in Yo’ Pants, we’re happy to have found you and from the looks of its trendy hashtag, women around the globe (even Oakland-based Cycle Vintage who tested it out above!) are, too.

What’s your biggest biking headache? Have you come up with a genius hack for it? Share it with us below!

(h/t Digg, Photo Iva Jean)