Ladies, we live in the golden era of natural beauty. From full聽eyebrows聽to the no-makeup makeup look, it has never been more popular to embrace what your mama gave you and flaunt your flawless self. What鈥檚 even more exciting about this fuss-free trend is that it works for everyone, because it鈥檚 all about little enhancements to your everyday look.聽Second up in our beauty breakdown series, we present to you the top five brow practices you should add to your beauty bank so you can achieve those bold and beautiful arches聽that say 鈥淚 woke up like this鈥 instead of 鈥淚 penciled these in.鈥

Step 1 鈥 Don鈥檛 Be Intimidated by the Tools: There are so many different products聽to choose from between聽pencils, gels, wands, powders and fibers. Start off with something user friendly like a dual-sided pencil/gel wand. This baby goes on like a cream and finishes like a powder for a simple yet stunning look. My current obsession is the Tr猫StiQue Brow Pencil in Americano聽($25).

Step 2 鈥 Get the Right Hue: Most people assume that bold brows call聽for聽products that are a shade darker than normal, which is certainly an option. But if it is聽a natural bold brow you鈥檙e after, it鈥檚 best to keep the hue pretty true to the color of your roots.

Step 3 鈥 Know Your Angles: You can determine the outline of your eyebrows by establishing a few guidelines using the end of your makeup brush with three angles.

Starting Point聽From the outside of your nose straight up to your forehead 鈥斅燼nything beyond聽that line you can tweeze, wax or just not accentuate.

Highest Point 鈥撀From the outside of your nose through the center of your iris 鈥斅爐his is where the arch of your eye should be accentuated.

Outer Edge聽From the outside of your nose to the corner of your eye 鈥斅燼nything on the outside of this could be tweezed or waxed, or have that be where your brow comes to the point.

Step 4 鈥 Small Strokes, Not Hard Lines: The idea here is to make small strokes in the direction of your natural hair growth, rather than making harder, longer lines that tend to look more painted on.

Step 5 鈥 Blend, Blend, Blend: It鈥檚 best to apply a gel with a mascara-like wand to set and blend the pencil strokes. The wand allows pigment to coat any hairs that may have been missed with the pencil.

Game-Changing Finishing Touch: Gently go over your brows once they鈥檝e dried with a product-free mascara wand. This will soften the entire look, making your brow application look flawless.


You can see how subtle yet effective these techniques are once completed.

Once you have these basics, you can play around and go bigger with a deeper hue聽or聽even take it to another level with glitter and colored pigment! These are just the聽basics to get you started so you can incorporate聽your own hacks, tips and tricks.

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