Let鈥檚 be real ladies: We try our hardest to bring our A-game to the kitchen, but between work, hitting the gym and the occasional happy hour drink, we all know a fully home-cooked meal isn鈥檛 going to happen every night. That鈥檚 why we鈥檙e BFFs with pesto. It makes simple foods taste great 鈥 spread it on a sandwich, use it as a marinade to season meats or pour it straight over pasta for a more delicious meal than before. If you鈥檝e grown tired of that classic pine nut and basil combo, don鈥檛 fret. Here are 20 recipes that will make you question everything you ever thought pesto could be!

1. Corn Pesto: Summer barbecues mean corn on the cob, and usually that鈥檚 a great thing. But if you鈥檙e not looking to spend the day picking a kernel out of your tooth, try out this spread instead. (via Lottie and Doof)

2. Beet Root Pesto: This recipe turns pasta hot pink. That鈥檚 awesome. (via eat, live, run)

3. Arugula Pesto: These peppery greens make a perfect subtle alternative to basil for a simple update on the classic recipe. (via Arielle Likes to Cook)

4. Roasted Red Pepper Carrot Pesto: Oh carrots, we love you but we have to admit, you can get a bit boring. What鈥檚 that you say? We can spice you up and turn you into a pesto? Back on the grocery list you go! (via Jeanette鈥檚 Healthy Living)

5. Tomato-Almond Pesto: Behold: a no-cook pasta sauce that鈥檚 as delicious as the one your grandma makes (yes way!). Blends fresh juicy tomatoes with almonds and herbs to make this bold pesto. (via Smitten Kitchen)

6. Pumpkin Seed Pesto: You eat pumpkin seeds by the handful, why not also by the spoonful? ;) (via Whole Foods)

11. Asparagus and Wild Garlic Pesto: We repeat: lots of garlic and earthy asparagus. There鈥檚 really not a whole lot to dislike about this alternative pesto. (via Circus Gardener)

8. Tomatillo Poblano and Jalape帽o Pesto: Looking for a spread that turns up the heat? We got you with this peppery pesto. (via Cali-Zona)

9. Kale, Hemp and Flaxseed Oil Pesto: High in protein and full of amino acids, don鈥檛 let the extra healthy ingredients scare you away from this yummy sauce. Mixed with garlic, lemon and a dash of S&P to amp up the flavor, it鈥檚 a real win-win type situation. (via Cookie and Kate)

10. Fava Bean and Arugula Pesto: We鈥檙e guessing fava beans probably aren鈥檛 part of your daily diet鈥 yet. Combined with spicy arugula, it is a welcome twist to the standard combo. (via Confessions of a Foodie)

11. Lemon Artichoke Pesto: We eat artichokes on pizza, in pasta or even straight off the leaf. Now it also comes in pesto form? We鈥檙e into that. (via Red Shallot Kitchen)

12. Marcona Almond Pesto: If you鈥檙e not fully on board the eccentric pesto train, opt for this recipe. Traditional pine nuts are substituted for marcona almonds, which add a luscious, buttery taste. (via Busy in Brooklyn)

13. Kale and Pistachio Pesto: Basil and pine nuts? So last year. Kale and pistachios are the hottest new green + nut pair. (via Every Last Bite)

14. Chard Pesto: If you鈥檝e never used this bitter green before, chances are you鈥檙e not alone. What better way to add a new veggie into your diet than to mix leafy chard with oil and garlic and pour it over pasta? (via Happy Yolks)

15. Spinach and Truffle Oil Pesto: This paring makes a sauce that is both decadent AND nutritious. We don鈥檛 blame you if you eat this one by the spoonful. (via Food View Berlin)

16. Roasted Red Fresno Pepper Pesto: A little bit naughty, a little bit nice. Here鈥檚 an option for those of you who want to live life on the wild side 鈥 but you know, in like a Sandy at the end of Grease kind of way. (via Cooking on the Weekends)

17. Mint Pesto: Lighten up rich meats or decedent pasta dishes by substituting fresh mint for basil. Done and done. (via Running to the Kitchen)

18. Garlic Avocado Pesto: Creamy and full of healthy fat, avocado is a great addition to most things. Pesto especially. (via Kitchnn)

19. Rosemary-Tomato Pesto: Sun-dried tomatoes and fresh rosemary keep the classic Italian taste that comes with traditional pesto but add an exciting new flavor twist. (via Nifty Thrify Things)

20. Indian-Style Pesto: No need to order takeout if you get hit with an Indian food craving. Just whip out the food processor and give this spice-filled recipe a go. (via My Southern Flavors)

Have you tried any alternative pesto recipes we should know about? If so, let us know in the comments!