Between your squad, coworkers, and all the sweet聽kiddos, you鈥檙e singing 鈥淗appy Birthday鈥 on the reg. But there鈥檚 one more date you know you can鈥檛 ignore: the birthday (or gotcha day) for your BFF (best furry friend). Between party hats, bowties, tasty treats, and more, you鈥檒l have everything you need to make your dog鈥檚 or cat鈥檚 special day one for the books.


1. No-Sew Bowties: Yes girl, as if you even needed to ask. Make your canine companion a festive collar to wear during their party, or any day of the week. (via Chic Sprinkles)

2. Dog Party Invites: Let your guests (four-legged, two-legged, or both) in on all the details with these adorable invites. (via Project Nursery)

3. DIY Paper Party Hats: They鈥檙e just like the ones we wear, only much smaller, and more likely to be eaten or nibbled on during the party. (via Willowday)

4. Pooch Cake Smash: They鈥檙e really like kids, so why wouldn鈥檛 you give your best friend a cake smash photo shoot?! This is the shot your parents have been waiting to frame and show off to friends, after all. (via Pouka Photography)

5. Canine-Friendly Place Settings: When setting a table for your 鈥済uests,鈥 don鈥檛 forget the place card 鈥 and of course, the dog bowl. (via Milou & Olin Photography/Style Me Pretty)

6. Tasty Treat Bags: Send *all* your guests home with some tasty treats and a tennis ball. (This is the perfect size to fit those bowties you made above. Just sayin鈥!) (via Brit + Co)

7. Peanut Butter Apple Pupcake: This birthday cake is all natural and perfectly safe for your furry friend 鈥 it looks good enough to serve to people, TBH. (via The Little Epicurean)


8. DIY Treat Bags: Celebrate your inner cat lady with these cute favors that will put ALL your guests in the festive feline spirit. (via Fete Gazette)

9. DIY Stylish Cat Hats: Okay, so maybe you鈥檒l only get your kitty to keep this hat on for a hot second. When the DIY is this easy 鈥 and the end result is this 鈥榞rammable 鈥 it鈥檚 totally worth it. (via Brit + Co)

10. DIY Cat Friendly Cake Pops: While a whole cake might be a bit ambitious for a cat, this sweet cake pop is just the right size. (via Created by Diane)

11. DIY Cat Piata: Fill it with kitty treats; fill it with candy for their human pets. Either way, you need this sweet pi帽ata in your life, STAT. (via Best Friends for Frosting)

12. DIY Catnip Conversation Hearts: We can鈥檛 decide what鈥檚 cuter: the punny messages, the sweet pastel shades, or how freaking happy your cat is going to be. (via A Beautiful Mess)

13. DIY Cat Face Banner: Celebrate your fur baby and decorate the whole place with this festive banner that pays homage to her and only her. (via Makezine)

14. DIY Wand Cat Toys: Looking for an activity to do with your guests while your cat ignores everyone? Why not have them make cat toys like this bird on a wand 鈥 that鈥檒l lure that standoffish kitty back! (via Think Make Share)

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