Calling all pet owners! It’s pretty much impossible to resist the impulse to buy a stocking stuffer for your favorite cat or dog. And with those cute little faces, we just can’t imagine leaving our pets out of the gifting fun. That’s why we’ve pulled together 30 great pet gifts for cats, dogs, fish, and even a bird or two! Looking for something a bit more tech savvy for your pet this season? Try these pet gadgets or this list of activity trackers.

1. Fresh Patch Disposable Dog Potty With Real Grass ($17): Particularly useful to those city dwelling pups, this real grass will allow your pet some relief without undoing all that training!

2. pEi Pod Pet Bed ($100): This mod little pet perk is a luxurious gift for that feline friend or small dog. Complete with a soft cushion in a bright pop of color. We’re definitely adding this to our list of modern cat homes!

3. BarkBox Subscription ($19+): These monthly subscription boxes show up on your doorstep chock-full of delicious goodies, toys, gifts, and gadgets for your pup. The contents are personalized according to the size of your pup, plus part of the proceeds go towards supporting a rescue group. Love this idea? It’s your lucky day—enter here to win one year subscription to BarkBox!

4. Kitty Mansions Amazon Cat Tree ($332): Bring the wild into your home with this su-purr-b amazon-themed cat furniture. Just think of it as a Legends of the Hidden Temple obstacle course for cats!

5. Planet Dog Orbee Tuff Toys ($11): These tough little fruits and veggies are perfect for the dog that likes to chew…a lot! These eco-friendly toys are recyclable and free of toxic elements, which means they’re just as good for your pup as they are for the environment!

6. Petego Comfort Wagon ($560): Are you an avid biker that likes to bring your furry bestie along for the ride? This comfort wagon is a fancy way to tote your pets along to the beach, the office, or wherever you may ride. If you fancy something a little less flashy, pick up the smaller Kasko version for half the price.

7. Humunga Stache Ball ($8): Nothing like a little facial hair to make a dog look refined. ;) We’d go so far as to set up a pup-friendly photo booth just to capture the hilarity that is this chew toy!

8. Alfie Pet Pop-Up Bowls ($8): These brightly colored bowls pop up into place and fold when they’re empty, providing your pet with a stylish solution for much needed food or water on the go.

9. Featherstone Heights Victorian cage ($81): With shuttered windows, a “brick” chimney, and a tower to rival that of the Barbie Dreamhouse, we cannot get over how amazing this birdcage is! Give your parakeet a posh abode that doesn’t clash with your decor.

10. Dropcam Pro ($199): Got a pet that likes to get into trouble? This little camera will allow you to check in on them from your smartphone.

11. Sleepypod ($140): This modern pet carrier is a perfect way to make your pet feel safe on the go. It even converts into a car seat!

12. BiOrb Flow Aquarium ($119): This low-maintenance aquarium is sleek and beautiful to boot! Its square shape makes it perfect to tuck into small spaces, but it also comes in a traditional fishbowl-like design.

13. Nature Spa Water Fountain UV ($49): This little bubbler is not just a cute way to keep your pet hydrated, it’s also super smart: its self-sterilizing system ensures that bacteria doesn’t grow in the tank, providing high-quality water for your parched pooch.

14. Lighted Dog Collar ($25): Night walkers: consider getting a collar that lets cars or bikes know that you have a furry friend in tow! These collars come in a slew of patterns and colors, like this bone motif with blue LED lights.

15. Neon Pet Hoodie ($20): Know a pup that shivers in the cold? Warm them up with one of these colorful zip-up hoodies! This guy gives American Apparel models a real run for their money! ;)

16. Kitty Play Circuit ($16): Keep your cat happy and active with this futuristic play circuit. Seeing the toy move through it can keep a cat busy for hours!

17. Nina Huang 9×12 Inches Pet Portrait ($325): If you know a posh pet that deserves to be the subject of their very own portrait, this is the ultimate artsy gift for their owner. The artist Nina Huang uses bright, bold colors to show your buddy’s personality. She works from photos, so don’t stress about Fido sitting still for hours on end!

18. Teafco Argo Airline Approved Pet Carrier ($102): This gorgeous, airline-safe carrier is sure to make your pet’s travels smooth and comfy. If you’d like something with a little more “leg room,” try the Sherpa Deluxe ($46).

19. Fido’s Make Your Own Dog Cookie Mix ($10): This DIY dog biscuit mix is perfect for when you want to give your pooch a present with a handmade touch. You don’t have to be a pro baker to turn this all-natural mix into crave-worthy treats: simply add water! It also comes with a bone shaped cookie cutter—how cute!

20. Autumn Mini Plaid Dog Bow Tie Collar ($43): Prove to the world that you’ve got a truly dashing dog with these adorable bow tie collars. They’re available in a number of colors and patterns, or without the bow tie at all.

21. Heated K&H Outdoor Kitty House ($110): Keep your cat out of the chill zone with this heated abode. It’s waterproof design ensures that it will keep your cute kitty warm both inside or outside.

22. Freezy Pups Kit ($20): It may not be warm outside right now, but your pup will thank you for this present come summer time! It’s the ultimate way to make delicious, homemade ice pops for pups.

23. Cat Clouds Shelf ($112): This is a great gift for cats who like to climb. Keep them off the curtains with these stylish, faux sheep skin-lined shelves!

24. Found My Animal Rescue Collar ($52): This bright orange rope collarr is made by a company that seeks to raise awareness about dog adoption and fostering (orange is the official color of animal awareness!). If you’d like, you can also grab the matching leash ($50).

25. Cozy Cave Pet Bed ($60+): This snuggly bed will keep pets big and small happy and snug—how cozy does this little guy look?

26. Hi-Lo Scratcher ($79): Keep the claws off of the couch while give your feline an acceptable scratching place of her very own. You’ll both be happier with the results!

27. Advantek Country Barn Dog House ($300): Let your pampered pup go glamping with this luxurious elevated dog house. This barn-like structure is bug and weather resistant, making it the perfect outdoor hideaway. Need something smaller to fit in your yard? Try this little barn house ($120).

28. Porter Woll Coat ($60): With this warm wool coat, your dog will be even happier on long walks in the breezy hills or through crisp snow. Or just dress him up for a dapper day indoors!

29. Power Pet Electronic Pet Door ($370): Electronic pet doors will let your pet move freely in and out but keep other animals safely outdoors. It’s a great option for pets left alone during the day.

30. Snoozer Bike Basket ($50): Here’s another means to bike your pet from point A to point B. This quilted basket will give smaller animals a comfy ride and great view as you cruise down Main St.

What are you eyeing for your furry friend this year? Did we miss any rad pet gifts? Tell us in the comments below!