We鈥檙e well acquainted with this renter鈥檚 nightmare:聽You find the perfect聽apartment, in the perfect neighborhood,聽with the perfect backyard, but there鈥檚 just one catch: No pets allowed. NO. PETS. ALLOWED. How are we supposed to EXIST without a furry friend? What鈥檚 life even like without having your bestie be an animal? Why do we even choose to live with other two-legged creatures, anyway?

You guys, we think we may have found the solution to your rental woes: A pet that *every* landlord will allow, possibly even embrace, and one that will make your home (and heart) a fuller place. We鈥檙e talking about pet pillows.


These bewitching pillows are customizable. That鈥檚 right, you can choose the EXACT species, breed and adorableness聽of your animal. Plus, they鈥檙e terrific snuggle buddies, they won鈥檛 shed and will definitely be allowed on the couch.

Here are 11 other perks of having pet pillows:

  1. They don鈥檛 bark.
  2. They鈥檒l watch TV with you.
  3. They鈥檒l listen when you talk.
  4. Taking them for a walk is SUPER easy.
  5. They鈥檒l fit in most pet purses.
  6. They probably won鈥檛 bite.
  7. They don鈥檛 have bladders, so there鈥檚 no need for potty training.
  8. They don鈥檛 smell (although we do recommend an occasional wash).
  9. Your friends with pet allergies will still want to come over.
  10. You鈥檒l never have to smell wet cat or dog food again.
  11. They鈥檒l always take a selfie with you.

I think we鈥檝e made our case. We just answered all of your pet-owning-as-a-renter-related prayers.


BONUS: Why not get a photo of your friend鈥檚 dog ON pillows, and print that on a pillow? So meta.

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