Capturing memories, remembering the people we love and reflecting on emotional experiences — really, is there anything a simple snapshot on your phone can’t help you do? And sure, you can hashtag the heck out out of those pics in hopes that your friends and family will find them, but there’s a better way. It’s called a photo sharing app, and it’s a whole lot easier and a whole lot less annoying than group texting everyone those incredibly adorable photos of you and your boo. Here are 11 of them that you should download ASAP.

1. Xim: Want to show your pals those awesome pictures from you recent trip to Indonesia? Having five people huddling around your phone makes for a close moment, but no one can see the photos as well as they’d like to. Xim plays a slideshow of pics that your friends can see simultaneously on their own devices. The best part is only one person needs to download the app for everyone to see. (Free on iOS, Android and Windows Phone)

2. FotoSwipe: This is swiping made easy. Simply download the app on two devices, place the phones side by side and swipe up to 10 pics from one to the other. No contact info is needed either, so you can keep everything confidential. Yup, it’s really that easy. (Free on iOS and Android)

3. Storybyte: You know those random photos you took of your trip to that art museum or that quaint little town off the main road? Don’t just let those take up space in your photo album. Turn those into a virtual story. The great part is each story has a unique URL that you can put on social media or share with loved ones. (Free on iOS and Android)

4. Cluster: Just in case iCloud is not your preferable way of sending pictures, Cluster helps you set up private groups where you control who sees what. Only invited users can see what you post, and notifications alert you to new photos and to who has seen and liked posts. (Free on iOS and Android)

5. Storehouse: No longer will we have to use that plain slideshow feature on our computers to show our latest vacation. Storehouse allows you to take your photos and videos and turn them into a digital story. Storify photos with text, add animation and even change the size of pics. (Free on iOS)

6. Yovo: Got a photo that demands a suspenseful, dramatic pause before making an appearance? Yovo can help you with that. Snap a pic, create a blurring effect or even set up a “D-fence” to obscure the image. Adjust the viewing time anywhere between one second to 24 hours. (Free on iOS)

7. Looksee: Like sharing pictures and making new friends? Then you need to get Looksee. Submit your work and explore others’. Double tap pics you like, and if that user likes one of yours, as well, the two of your profiles will be revealed to each other and linked. (Free on iOS)

8. Cirqle: This brings a whole new meaning to collaboration. Each Cirqle is a collection of stories and videos created by users around the world. Whether public or private, everyone adds to the Cirqle. Say you’re at a family holiday, and you want to pool everyone’s photos privately. You can do that with selected users. Say you’re running a marathon and want everyone to be able to add to your photo series — that can happen, too. Offline users can use Bluetooth to participate in the fun, making it great for when you’re traveling out of the country or to remote places. (Free on iOS)

9. Shoutout: “Visual texting,” that’s what Shoutout is all about. In a single tap, choose which friends receive your pics and apply filters and text. Like Snapchat, people can only see your pictures once, so feel free to share whatever it is that people should probably only see once. (Free on iOS)

10. Frontback: Instead of taking that awkward selfie and trying to get that beach scenery in the background, check out Frontback. This uses your front and rear cameras to take two pictures at the same time, taking the selfie game to a whole new level. (Free on iOS and Android)

11. WedPics: While we love wedding hashtags, once people get a few drinks in them, they might start misspelling the #brangelina name you’ve created for yourselves. How do you confidently keep all pictures and videos from that special day in one place? Create your own WedPics app, share your ID with guests and watch your story flood with pics and videos galore. (Free on iOS and Android)

Which photo-sharing apps do you love? Tell us in the comments below!