Do your photos look good, but not quite great? Have you scrolled through your Insta feed and experienced major envy on those picture perfect photos?

The truth is, producing consistently awesome photos takes some styling skill. But luckily for us, skills can be taught and we have the answer!


Get ready to level up your Instagram and blog photography game with our Photo Styling Online Class. It’s not just about arranging pretty things together, but also about doing it in a way that brings out your unique personality.

We teamed up with Meredith Staggers of lifestyle blog Cake & Confetti to teach you how to take swoon-worthy photos with *just* your smartphone. She’ll help you transform your Instagram from ‘meh’ to heart-worthy by walking you step-by-step through her photo styling process.


In her class, you’ll learn how to:

  • Navigate lighting, because it can make (or break!) a photo.
  • Master the amazing flat lay photo that’s so popular on Instagram.
  • Plan and pull off a memorial lifestyle photo shoot.
  • Use apps and filters to add that extra pop and shine.

After taking Meredith’s class, you’ll know how to apply professional styling techniques to all of your photos. Get ready for major Instagram feed envy! Just look at some of Meredith’s amazing stylized photos:

As a bonus, you’ll also get exclusive access to extra content to help you get started, including:

  • A supply list full of ideas for a flat lay and lifestyle photo shoot
  • Meredith’s secret tips, techniques and hacks for styling and editing photos.
  • Inspiration to continue exploring your styling skills.

Are you ready to create photos that make everyone tap ‘like’? Enroll in this fun beginner-friendly photography class today!


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