This is kind of a big deal.

Steve Bannon came seemingly out of nowhere during President Trump’s campaign and became not only the then-nominee’s campaign manager but, once elected, his top adviser and chief strategist. While many feel that Bannon was the brains behind January’s travel ban (and its subsequent revisions), what shocked many was the President’s decision to place his adviser on the National Security Council — a seat not usually held by anyone with any sway in the Oval Office. While the strategist has kept a low profile, and celebrities like Rosie O’Donnell continue to call him out, the President shocked many today when he announced that he was removing Bannon from the NSC.

In a notice released today, the President’s office announced that Bannon would be leaving the NSC and that previously held seats at the table would be reinstated for more traditional security council members (the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff and the national intelligence director). The notice was quick to also remind people that Bannon was not being demoted, but that since he has yet to actually attend an NSC meeting, it is clear he is better used in other committees.

The former Breitbart editor’s appointment to the council in January concerned many people because as a general rule, no Presidential adviser has ever sat at the National Security Council table. With no reason given, many in Washington are wondering what prompted the major shuffle. In the meantime, Bannon has not lost his high security clearance, and still has his own working group focused on national security, insiders are reporting.

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