It鈥檚 hard to imagine Prince George and Princess Charlotte being any more adorable than they already are, but they鈥檝e actually managed to out-cute themselves once again. Currently on an official family trip to Canada with Mom and Dad, Duchess Kate and Prince William, George and Charlotte (donning George鈥檚 old sweater) were already having a lovely enough time at a tea party for military families. But when Princess Charlotte saw an arch of balloons, it was basically the best thing she鈥檚 seen in her entire tiny life, and watching her joy will undoubtedly serve as the best thing you鈥檒l see today.

Royal Family in Canada

Arriving in her mother鈥檚 arms, Charlotte quickly gets a glimpse of the balloons and begins to mouth the word repeatedly. As soon as Kate sets her down, it鈥檚 all over, as the toddler princess is off and running 鈥 literally! Considering it鈥檚 the first time the public has seen the 16-month-old walking, yet alone running, it鈥檚 a moment that鈥檚 just as surprising as it is adorable.

Princess Charlotte walking

There she goes鈥

Princess Charlotte walking

Look at her fly!

While the balloons were clearly Charlotte鈥檚 favorite, there were plenty of other things to entertain the little royals.

There was a petting zoo, for instance, with bunnies to hug.

George preferred to take his hugs from Daddy. Aawww!

Bubbles, too, were on hand.

At the end of the day, though, it was still all about the balloons: Check out the epic moment below!

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(h/t The Telegraph, photos via Chris Jackson /Getty)