Once you finish wrapping up all of those cookies and sealing the last jar of homemade jam, you’ll need a little something to finish things off in style. These 12 printable food labels are the perfect crowning touch for your handmade edible gifts. Because why settle for store-bought when you can get your own with just the click of a mouse? Go ahead and make sure your printer is in working order and stocked with ink — each one is a DIYer’s dream come true.

1. Christmas Gift Tags: When tied onto the right gift — say, a bottle of wine with one that reads “May You Be Filled With Cheer” — these tags take on a whole new, hilarious meaning. (via How About Orange)

2. Christmas Labels for Edible Gifts: Infinitely customizable, this set of seven distinct labels may be the only set of labels you’ll need this holiday season. (via Lia Griffith)

3. Homemade Christmas: These fun, colorful labels are sure to brighten up the holidays. (via World Label)

4. Chalkboard Style Gift Labels: These are perfect labels for the gift of warm drinks — coffee, tea, hot chocolate, you name it. (via Poppytalk)

5. Spread the Love: Why not just put a bird on it? These printables are the ultimate jam or nut butter labels. (via Post Cards and Pretties)

6. Candy Jar Labels: Upgrade a jarful of the sweet stuff by sticking ’em with one of these silly sayings. (via Woman Freebies)

7. Made With Love: Dress your food gifts up in shabby chic fashion with your choice of round or rectangle labels. P.S. You can totally get away with using these for Valentine’s Day too. (via Fork and Flower)

8. From Scratch Canning Labels: Simply employ a little text box action to customize these labels without the risk of hand cramps. (via From Scratch Club)

9. Printable Jam Labels: Now these are totally our jam. (via Packagery)

10. Santa Gift Tags + Labels: A refined color palette coupled with pops of fun script make these labels work for adults and kids alike. (via Paper Crave)

11. Ball Mason Jar Labels: Your pun-loving pals will get a kick out of these tags. As for what should go inside, we may have a few gift-giving ideas for you. (via The Country Chic Cottage)

12. Holiday Chalkboard Labels: Black and white go together like holiday cookies and milk. Celebrate the classic chalkboard color combo with these beautifully designed stickers. (via World Label)

Go ahead and share the prettiest holiday printables for any type of gift giving below!