There’s no shortage of ways to turn your digital snaps into beautiful photo albums, but Printic is an app that deserves a permanent place on your home screen. In just a few clicks, you can create custom prints, calendars, and photo books directly from your phone using templates that fuse the square crop of Instagram with Polaroid’s iconic white frame. They might just be the most distinctively modern and hassle-free photo keepsakes ever.

Printic at its core is all about simplicity and complete customer satisfaction, and these values emanate from the first click to the final sale. The service slings only four, high-quality products: individual glossy photo prints, a box of 50 prints, a 12-print calendar (all sized 3×4 inches) as well as a 7×7 hardcover photo book of 20 selects. If you ask us, the book is the real “wow” item of the bunch. The linen cover features window-like cutouts that let you peep the photos that appear on the first page of your book — very similar to Mosaic, but arranged in a tight grid-like pattern. Your photos are guaranteed to look just as nice as their frames: All prints are developed using traditional wet labs and checked by expert eyes before delivery. So onto the editing already!

Once you’ve chosen a product to customize, the free iOS and Android app lets you insert a set number of photos from your camera roll, FB or Instagram into its corresponding template. Here, you can drag photos to rearrange their order, crop photos, and even change the frame or page color to something more vibrant like coral or key lime. Plus, on prints, you can type a brief caption just like you would add a comment on Instagram — a cute way for your picture to tell much more than a thousand words.

Combining edit and preview modes is a genius move that makes compiling, manipulating, arranging and rearranging your photos a total breeze. And it’s kind of the ultimate reassurance that what you’ve whipped together on your mobile will look exactly how you want it to IRL. But Printic offers an even bigger, cushier safety net for your final prints: if a glitch does occur during the transformation from phone pic to physical photo (wait, my eyes did NOT look that closed on screen :/ ), you can fix it for free or get a full refund. You’ll be able to examine your creation in a short seven days, so until then, revel in the free worldwide shipping and just chill.

When your Printic package arrives, you’ll know it — it’s shipped to you in a tangerine box or envelope that gives the digitally-made momento serious heft. Can you feel the nostalgia build as you lift the box top? Are we just caught up in the memories or is someone actually playing “Time of Your Life” by Green Day right now? Prices competitively range from $0.49 per photo print to $29.90 for the book, a dollar amount we’d gladly pay for such smooth service with a ;)

Have you ever used Printic or other apps that turn your photos into prints? Which are your fave to use? Tell us in the comments below.