Makers gonna make and they deeefinitely gonna want to pledge to this Kickstarter to make their electronic module dreams come true. Printoo is an Arduino-based platform of paper-thin, circuit boards and modules that are like electronic building blocks for all of your futuristic dreams. Only you can make them happen now — or by October 2014 when Printoo is expected to ship.

We know you might not think you have the power to electrify everyday objects, but we’re here to tell you that, actually, you do. Especially if you have Printoo in your toolkit. And it’s all much easier than you think. Because the Printoo modules are so thin and uber flexible, you can use them on any object (including anything you have 3D printed! Go, you!) to add Internet and Bluetooth connectivity, light and motion sensing, power, motorization, even solar panels.

Printoo comes with a learning curve we like that will allow those comfortable with this type of creating to go wild and will lend a teachable moment or two to those trying it out for the first time. You can just plug the modules together and browse and borrow from Printoo’s library of Arduino sketches.

If you’ve been brainstorming what you want to add to the Internet of Things in your life, Printoo makes it easy to add “any/all” to the list. A pledge for Printoo isn’t just an investment in a cool kit, you get to be a part of the Printoo family, which includes apps they’re building that will help you control any of your Printoo creations from any device.

If you’re still having a hard time visualizing what you could do with Printoo, take a look at some of our favorite options:

Psh, toys are so not just for kids anymore. This smartphone-controlled, 3D printed watercraft is motorized and would definitely make bathtime fun again.

Celebrate every time your team scores with The Goal Can. The party possibilities here are endless — why stop at sports when you can applaud Oscars wins next year as well?

We love this guy! You could program his little face to display your current mood forecast to your coworkers. Uh oh, Lisa is in :-| mode, let’s table this chat until we see :-) return.

Oh, no bigs, just a solar-powered 3D printed hovercraft. Nothing to see here — except the future.

They’ve met their goal on Kickstarter so a pledge is a sure bet now. $45 gets you a Printoo Core Kit by October, $95 nabs a Basic Pack and the options expand depending on how much you want to invest in your future as an electronic module builder. We say: Go big or go home or go big with Printoo around your home.

Have you ever used Arduino to build something? What could Printoo inspire you to do? Share your ideas open-source style with us below!