Remember that gorgeous Prism Rainbow Highlighter we were all losing our minds over last week? It matches with every skin tone and can give you that glowing gorgeous scientifically proven, brain-changing rainbow look. Well, the Etsy store that originally made it, Bitter Lace Beauty, was inundated and sold out super quick… and the Internet took over the hype.

This very gorgeous highlighter is so in demand that people who bought it last week are reselling on eBay for a staggering amount. How much, you wonder? Well, originally priced at around $22, we found an eBay listing for a crazy $1,225! We do love the look of this gorgeous palette, but we’re wondering who’s willing to pay that much for this rainbow?

While the highlighter is currently out of stock at Bitter Lace, we suspect that they’ll be making more in the near future and are curious as to what sort of frenzy the eBay lister thinks is going on.

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h/t Seventeen Magazine; Featured Image via @Bitter.Lace.Beauty