If you’ve ever shot a text off only to regret it minutes (or hours!) later, boy, do we have the app for you (in addition to this week’s top five apps, that is!). Aptly dubbed Privates, this new messaging app not only offers patent-pending screenshot protection (so. much. yes), it’s also tricked out with industrial strength encryption to keep hackers at bay.


In a nutshell? Privates ensures your messages stay, well, private — seen by you and the recipient alone. While it can’t actually prevent someone from physically showing your message to someone else, digitally, you’re covered, as the screenshot feature prevents the user from forwarding, copying or even saving your messages. You can also choose how quickly each message self-destructs (three hours, 12 hours or 24 hours). A pretty nifty invention, if we do say so ourselves!

Bonus features include natural reactions, the ability to draw/write on photos and — get this — message recall. Yup. Your prayers have been answered, as drunk-you can finally, finally be reprieved of your mistakes! But only if you act quickly — this feature only works for unread messages.

Hey, we’ll take it.

DL It: Free on iOS

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(h/t Elite Daily, photos via Getty + Privates)