It’s not new news that online shopping is king. In today’s world, we can buy groceries, learn new skills, and even find your lifelong love on the world wide web. With retailers such as Amazon ruling the market, it makes sense that most companies are figuring out how to digitize their business too. But have you ever considered an online jeweler? With the introduction of companies like Engage Studio, the journey to popping the question might be moving from brick-and-mortar to Google-and-click.

Consumers like Michael Bonebright, a features editor with DealNews, are increasingly turning toward this new purchasing method — or at least a hybrid of it. “Buying a ring online affords you a much wider selection than anything you’ll see in any brick-and-mortar store,” he said. “If your significant other is very particular, they can guide you to the correct cut, size, color, and style of the ring you’re browsing — and then still be surprised by the final pick.”

For Bonebright, a mix of in-person and online was the best way to find a ring worthy of popping the question. In his case, he chose his S.O.’s ring from a jewelry store’s online catalog, and was able to view his pick in person before purchasing. While he and his now wife are more than happy with his ring choice, Bonebright admits there’s one downside to purchasing an engagement ring online.

“The main downside to purchasing a ring online is that it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the choices,” he said. “You also won’t save a significant amount of money, unless you opt for something unusual like a gemstone or silver.” Other couples, though, have full faith in the online purchasing process. Marla White and her fiancé discovered their dream ring on Etsy. They sought out the online marketplace because they wanted a truly unique ring and were thrilled with the result. “After we found SundariGems on Etsy, I fell in love with an oval stone and worked with her to create custom pieces,” White said. “She sent stones for us to review — and it was a long process (maybe eight weeks), but so worth it. I am mad for it and get compliments all the time.”

Both Bonebright and White’s experiences show that there are varied and unique avenues to purchasing engagement rings online. Engage Studio aims to marry (ha, get it?) these concepts through a combination of online and in-person steps.

Here’s how it works: The first step in the process is a design consultation, which allows the consumer to talk through price, style, and visions with a design expert. Next, Engage Studio offers a diamond workshop, which allows you to learn about diamonds and identify what’s truly important to you and your partner. Finally, the studio provides you with a selection of interchangeable settings and stones — and once you pick one, they send you a prototype, just to make sure. The only thing left to do is pop the question!

As online shopping in so many forms becomes ubiquitous, it’s no surprise that a digital engagement ring market is emerging. No matter what, though, diamonds are still forever — even if they’re in your Amazon cart.

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