Once upon a time, your neighbor might have knocked on your door to borrow a cup of sugar or a stick of butter. And for some of you lucky lads and lasses living in Pleasantville, that still might be happening. For the rest of us, who long for the good old days and a little more human connection beyond Twitter and a smartphone screen, there’s one inspiring project from Switzerland here to answer our old timey prays.

To renew community spirit and the act of sharing, Pumpipumpe (yes, that’s its real, true, adorable name) encourages neighborhood residents to put stickers on their mailboxes that indicate goods that people have and are willing to lend to their neighbors.

The idea was originally intended to help out fellow cyclists if they had a flat tire. The stickers would lead the biker to a house that could help them pump up their tires — hence where their rad name came from. Now, the project has taken on a life of its own.

Stickers illustrate not just bike pumps, but kitchen scales, Internet access, toys and lawn mowers, to name a few. Interested do-gooders place the stamps on their mailboxes so passersby know what they have to offer… if they happen to find themselves in need of a ladder of a bundt pan.

We love this idea of sharing what you have and making a tighter-knit community by doing so. Now we only have one question: When will Pumpipumpe make it to our neighborhoods?

Would you put these on your front steps? Would you encourage your neighbors to use these stickers? Let us know your thoughts below!

(h/t SpringWise)