We know how to butter you up. And it starts with recipes for homemade, flavor-packed butter. Once you’ve mastered the butter basics, you’ll never buy the store brands again. Whether you like them in pats, whipped or creamy, these spreads for topping toast, dinner and dessert (that’s right, they’re everything from herby to spicy to sweet), will have you spreading it on thick.

1. Steak Butter: An herb butter, made with rosemary and sage, is essential to creating delectable sous vide steak. Don’t forget to sear it to finish. (via Brit + Co)

1. Homemade Butter: Before you get to flavoring, try whipping up the original stuff. All you need for a jar of whipped buttery goodness is heavy whipping cream, salt and a whisk. (via Red Fly Creations)

2. Red Wine: What goes better with wine than chocolate? Butter! Make this red wine pat with your favorite vino, some sweet shallots and parsley. (via Almond Corner)

3. Cilantro Lime: This fresh, herbacious butter is a great topper for corn on the cob or fish. (via Good Life Eats)

4. Salted Caramel: Who says butter’s only place is on toast? This creamy sweet version is just as good on muffins and cookies as it is with breakfast. (via Willow Bird Baking)

5. Pumpkin and Spice: Instead of buying a jar at the pumpkin patch, make your own pumpkin butter with fresh puree, cinnamon and nutmeg. (via In Sock Monkey Slippers)

6. Bacon Chive: Spread this smokey butter on cornbread, or add a dollop on top of a steak fresh off the grill. (via American Cupcake Abroad)

7. Lemon Herb: Spring means tons of fresh herbs, so gather yours and throw them into a citrusy compound butter. This recipe calls for parsley and chives, but you can use any fresh herbs you have on hand. (via White Gunpowder)

8. Peach Honey Butter: In the world of butter, there’s butter and then there’s honey butter. The sweet twist gets an even bigger leg up on plain ol’ butter with fresh peaches. (via Your Home Based Mom)

9. Roasted Red Pepper: Instead of red pepper hummus, try the roasted reds in butter instead. Slather this spread on hot potatoes, a fresh artisan slice or savory muffins. (via Deep Roots at Home)

10. Mustard Butter: This two ingredient butter (make it with butter and stone ground mustard) is the ultimate dip for soft pretzels. (via Table for Two)

11. Cinnamon Sugar Vanilla: Get ready to jar this one up and give it out as your signature gift. The vanilla-based blend is the ultimate pancake topper. (via Savoring the Thyme)

12. Jam Butter: What’s your jam? No matter what it is, your favorite berry jam or jelly mixes perfectly into whipped butter. (via Caramel Potatoes)

13. Blackberry Butter: Start by making honey butter (whip some into your softened butter), then add a half cup of fresh picked blackberries into the mix. (via The Lazy Daisy Kitchen)

14. Roasted Garlic: You’ll want to put this garlicky pat on everything. It’s tops for making garlic bread, grilled chicken and roasted veggies. (via Whipperberry)

15. Strawberry: Strawberry butter is a pretty classic combination, but this five ingredient recipe makes it easier to make than ever. (via The Taylor House)

16. Sun Dried Tomato: Make the most out of sweet and savory sun-dried tomatoes by turning them into a delicious spread. Slather it on super crusty bread all by itself or use it to amp up the flavor of your go-to sandwich. (via Brit + Co.)

17. Pineapple: Let’s get tropical! The sweet, citrus flavor of pineapple is enhanced with the addition of apples, vanilla and cardamom. (via Sweet Lavender Bake Shop)

18. Spicy Apple: All the work for this jam-like butter belongs to your slow cooker. Just throw fresh peeled apples, cloves, nutmeg and cinnamon into the pot and the rest is magic. (via Full Measure of Happiness)

19. Maple Butter: Also known as maple cream, this one, made by intensely whipping pure maple syrup, is for your waffles, pancakes and breads. (via Oh She Glows)

20. Raspberry: Mix a few sticks of butter with your leftover raspberry jam and you’ve got a fruity breakfast spread. (via A Beautiful Mess)

21. Bacon Blue Cheese: Sure, this butter is the greatest thing steak has ever met, but it’s also delicious on corn and toast. (via Steamy Kitchen)

22. Orange Jalapeño: The citrus from fresh oranges cuts down the spice of freshly chopped jalapeños so even your most spice-fearing friends will enjoy this peppery topper. (via ATX Gluten Free)

23. Ginger Snap Cookie Butter: Yes, this sweet butter makes a great holiday gift. But we dare you to try giving it up after one delicious taste (or heaping spoonful, we won’t judge!). (via Brit + Co.)

24. Tomato Garlic: Perfect for seafood or pasta, mix either with this robust tomato butter. (via Mark’s Daily Apple)

25. Parsley, Chili, Garlic and Lemon: The pepper and chili flakes fire these pats up, then the lemon and parsley cool your taste buds down. (via Sea Salt with Food)

26. Hot Chocolate Butter: Yep, you read that right. We turned our favorite hot beverage into one sweet, creamy butter. Made with warmed hot fudge, it even includes a few marshmallows for authentic hot cocoa flavor. (via Brit + Co.)

27. Chive Butter: If you love oniony flavors, you’ll drool for this butter loaded with fresh spring chives and coarse salt. (via Saffron Lane)

28. Cinnamon Raisin: Next time you pick up a bagel, go for the plain one because this cinnamon raisin butter is all the flavor you’re going to need. (via Tasty Kitchen)

29. Rosemary Olive: This savory stick is a chameleon. Add a pat to potato leek soup, spread it on a sourdough slice or use it as a base for a chicken or steak dinner. (via Feasting Freds)

Already making your own butter? What flavors are you mixing up?