Tattoos have long been one of the ultimate forms of self-expression. They can signify a rebellious streak, declare a lifelong commitment between friends or lovers and someday maybe even charge our phones (no, seriously). Big or small, visible or hidden, they’re a personal and permanent (or sometimes, flash-in-the-pan) assertion of who we are and what we value. And what’s the one thing we value most? LOVE. So in honor of Pride Week, we have rounded up some of the most beautiful and colorful tattoos we could find to celebrate love + equality.


1. Classic Rainbow: There’s no symbol more synonymous with pride than the good old-fashioned rainbow — which, in this case, doubles as a smile every time the wearer looks down at it. (via @matteonotconventionaltattoo)


2. Rainbow Flag: A simple, symmetrical ROYGBIV flag makes a bold, bright statement and quite literally goes with anything. (via @luckysnoho)


3. Tiny Ear Cuff: What’s that you say? This is the cutest pride ink you’ve ever seen in your life? Yep, we’re in total agreement. (via @hnnhbanna)


4. Unbroken Love: Great font is something to love all on its own, but when it’s hand-drawn and renders something as sweet and creative as this? Lights out. We’re smitten. The end. (via @caseyloveislove)


5. Rainbow Splatter Heart: This design incorporates the perfect amount of blank space. And there’s no need to write a name because its striped splatter effect against a heart in relief is original enough on its own. (via @devanv_tattoos)


6. Love Is Love: A picture may be worth a thousand words, but these three words in particular are as gorgeous as any picture could ever be. (via @sophiemanos)


7. Rainbow Lambda: Long signifying unity under oppression, the lambda was officially adopted as a symbol of solidarity in the 1970s by the Gay Activists Alliance and is a symbol of support within the LGBT community. Seems fitting, since the ancient Romans considered the lambda to be a symbol of the light of knowledge being shed onto the darkness of ignorance. (via @skylertimeless)


8. Linked Rings: Simple and straightforward, this hip tattoo of two interlocking female symbols joins two astrological representations of Venus together for eternity. Pretty heavenly indeed. (via @kaleigh_626)


9. Connect the Dots: This uniquely awesome lineup of rainbow dots conjures up images of all sorts of happy things: Skittles, multi-colored typewriter keys and multiple-choice questions with no wrong answers. It’s inventive and cool, and can even be built upon over time in a million different ways. (via @dyoungbloodtattoos)


10. Inverted Triangle: Once used by dark forces in World War II to designate groups of people apart from one another under unthinkable circumstances, the inverted triangle has since become a symbol of strength in the LGBT community. The one-point perspective of the rainbow’s stripes in this particular design elevates its beauty even more. (via @luisamariecouto)


11. Rainbow Maple Leaf: Double pride points here for a heaping helping of Canadian love to boot! (via @marymadsentattoos)


12. Triple Whammy Ampersand: This wrist tattoo packs a symbolic punch, combining rainbow stripes and two female symbols meeting in the center of an ampersand. In fact, there’s a hint of an infinity symbol implied too, which just takes it to the next level altogether. (via @silentknight98)


13. Equality: No fuss, no muss, just an indelible symbol of equality. Well done. (via @toxic_moosh)

What’s the coolest pride tattoo you’ve ever seen? Share in the comments below!