Newsflash: If you’re still eating normal-colored food, you’re doing it wrong. Between rainbow bagels, rainbow donuts and rainbow bread, we’re basically all dining in a leprechaun’s paradise these days. The multicolored craze has even found its way into our beauty regime. If you haven’t seen the rainbow highlighter, you should definitely check that out ASAP. Now, the next evolution of the trend has emerged, and it’s making its way into your caffeine addiction. Say hello to rainbow COFFEE.

This magical creation was created by Mason Salisbury (@ibrewcoffee on Instagram), a barista at Sambalatte in Las Vegas. From what we’ve uncovered on his Instagram, Mason first gave this technique a shot last week. He steams milk and then adds in food coloring. Then with a smooth pour, he tops the espresso with the rainbow creation that’s just as mesmerizing to watch as it is to drink.

Let’s hope Sambalatte is ready for the insane amount of traffic it’s about to be hit with.

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Featured image via @ibrewcoffee