Everyone loves a hammock, but you know what everyone doesn’t love? Putting up a hammock. If you’re tired of circling trees and adjusting the thing for longer than you’re even resting on it, there’s finally a quick, portable solution. The RapidHammock is so fast in fact, your excessive chill time will make you feel like you’re glamping.

What makes the RapidHammock’s design so revolutionary is that it’s all-inclusive. You don’t need to add any attachment cords, clips or buckles. The suspension straps connect to the trees with a buckle on the tree end and the hammock end for extra support. You can hang it in only 30 seconds.

The hammock itself is 114 inches of super strong nylon that can hold up to 450 pounds, which means you can share it with a buddy. It rolls up to an ultra small size so you can just clip it right onto your bag. In fact, it only weighs just over 1.5 pounds.

Another tricky thing with hammocks is getting the right hang. At one spot, your hammock might be super straight, and at the next super saggy just depending on the distance of the trees. But the people who created RapidHammock came up with a clever solution for that called the RidgeLine, which is a cord that sets your hang. It’s a way to keep your hammock at your ideal length and slouch every time you use it no matter where your hang points are.

Whether you’re camping or glamping, this is definitely the hammock to go with. To meet the quantity they needed for their first order, RapidHammock is raising money on Kickstarter, but they’ve already surpassed their $10,000 goal by $6,000. You can still make a pledge ’til December 14. $80 will get you your very own RapidHammock. They start shipping in April, just in time for camping season.

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