Some people have spirit animals, I have a spirit Disney princess — Rapunzel. When I first watched Tangled in 2010, by the time Rapunzel was halfway through singing “When Will My Life Begin,” I knew she was talking about my life. Like Rapunzel, I also knit, paint, bake pies, read, sew and make candles! But then I realized, Rapunzel is really talking about a lot of people, especially the ladies here at Brit + Co. Rapunzel is a maker, just like all of us. So for Halloween, why not channel the most artistic Disney princess there is and dress up as Rapunzel!

Making this costume can be a little involved, since there’s a lot of details to get right. Although it takes time to make, it’s definitely worth the effort because you will turn heads and truly feel like a Disney princess on Halloween night. I crafted the dress while Misty, our Beauty Editor, made sure her hair and makeup were perfectly Rapunzel.


This costume is 100% doable, but it did take me a few extra steps to get all the details right. It’s totally worth it, and you’ll be so happy with the final result. Let’s get started!


I bought a Face N Face Skirt ($20) and a Frawirshau Corset ($19) from Amazon. When both the skirt and the corset arrived, I saw just how pink they were! Every Disney fan knows that Rapunzel’s dress is not pink, but more of a purple-pink. It was time for DIY Mode: Karen, our Design Assistant, helped me dye both of them the perfect Rapunzel purple with Rit Dye ($19). A little goes a long way with this dye, so she only used half of the recommended amount.


To finish the corset, I glued pink ribbon in a criss-cross fashion in the front and glued lace ribbon around the neckline.

I then sewed some sleeves and attached them on the corset. Nervous about sewing? It’s all good; I was too. But sleeves are really easy. I just sewed two ends of a long strip of fabric together to make a tube. I added elastic to the end so the sleeve would scrunch up on the arm. Then I glued pink ribbons around the entire sleeve. I sewed the non-elastic ends of the sleeve to the corset straps, and that was that! Still need some sewing basics? Take our Sewing 101 Online Class.

We’re almost done with the top! For Rapunzel’s translucent sleeves, I bought a Doris Sheer Mesh Bodysuit ($10) from Amazon and glued lace around the sleeves.


For the skirt, I freehand painted Rapunzel’s embroidery pattern with fabric paint and glued lace ribbon on the bottom. Rapunzel doesn’t wear shoes during the entire movie, but if you don’t feel like getting your feet dirty on Halloween night, a pair of nude flats would be perfect :)


Now on to Rapunzel’s magic hair! I purchased an eNilecor Long Blonde Wig ($18), which our Beauty Editor Misty braided and pinned some fake blossoms on for the most perfect Rapunzel braid.


You’re done! Now go see the lights!


Meet Rapunzel and her weapon of choice: the frying pan.


I’ve got a dream, I’ve got a dream, I just want to see the floating lanterns gleam!

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DIY Production + Styling: Irene Lee

Photography: Brittany Griffin
 Modelling: Alicia Goad