Christmas is a season of traditions, and while decor has come a long way to offer cozy modern options alongside the still-awesome kitschy stuff, one classic Christmas element that can鈥檛 be beat is the sight and smell of a real tree.

Most people who get a real Christmas tree spend the entirety of the season struggling to keep it healthy and green. But a tree farm in Belvidere, New Jersey, isn鈥檛 worried 鈥 they鈥檙e bypassing that altogether and bucking tradition at the same time by offering real trees in bright, unnatural hues. And they鈥檙e glorious.

Wyckoff鈥檚 Christmas Tree Farm spray paints a select number of trees with a fireproof, latex-based paint in pink, purple, white and two shades of blue. They鈥檙e so popular that they sold out recently, though if the weather agrees, they鈥檒l try to get more ready before the holiday.

When Wyckoff鈥檚 Farm first unveiled their colorful trees in the fall, they stopped traffic 鈥 literally! 鈥淗asn鈥檛 even been 24 hours with our latest variety and we鈥檝e had several phone calls, people knocking on our door and cars stopping to take pictures!鈥 they shared in a Facebook update. And customers are more than happy with them in their homes, as evidenced by this AMAZING pic shared on Wyckoff鈥檚聽page.

Want. No 鈥 NEED.

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(Photos via Wyckoff鈥檚 Christmas Tree Farm/Facebook, Getty)