We’ve had a TON of new emoji to celebrate in recent years, including more gender-inclusive icons and interracial couples, but despite the best efforts of many (a petition has been circulating since 2015!), redhead emoji haven’t been one of them.


It appears the tech Gods are finally, FINALLY ready to listen, because rumor has it that the redhead emoji rollout may soon be on its way! A blog by Emojipedia reports that recent pressures in the last three months mayyyy have had something to do with the decision: Despite the fact that only an estimated 1-2 percent of the population actually has red hair, the lack of an accommodating emoji has served as the most cited complaint seen by the Emoji subcommittee in the last three months. Sheesh!

red emoje 2

But be warned: This isn’t a certainty. “No formal decision has been made on whether a redhead emoji should or would be approved at all,” the blog states, noting that should it actually come to pass, it won’t be for a while — the next Unicode release will happen in just a few short months, meaning the redheads would, at best, be on hold until early 2018.

red emoje 1

Still… there’s hope!

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