This year has been a good one for those of us who are serious about snacks. First, we had the Valentine’s Day Doritos rose bouquet, and then Oreo released a strawberry shortcake cookie for summer. Not to be left out, Hershey, the original candy maker, announced what might be the best and most intense candy combination we’ve never even thought of (but clearly wish we had) — the Reese’s-Pieces-filled Peanut Butter Cup.

Thanks to a Facebook leak from way back in April, we’re learning more about the potential of the Frankenstein candy concoction. Asked to confirm in an email to the website Eater, a Hershey’s spokesperson jokingly called it #Cupfusion, saying that it may or may not be true, and they may or may not have gotten the idea from fans of the candy.

reese's candy 2

Although Hershey’s won’t confirm the rumors, they are not denying them, either. And this week, the company starting teasing the public with Facebook posts hinting at the new dream candy. We’re hoping that means it’s a go.

reese's candy

We love the idea of a crunchy center in our Peanut Butter Cups. Its always such a hard choice to make when we’re heading to the movies: cups or pieces? If this leak is to be believed, we’ll never have to make that difficult choice again. We expect these bad boys to hit shelves around July, making summer blockbuster watching 100 percent more enjoyable.

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(h/t, photo via Facebook/Reese’s)