Can we just go back to Re:Make? Seriously, last weekend was the hottest DIY party on the block, or at least the West Coast, and we caaaan’t stop, and we woooon’t stop thinking about it. (Right, Miley?) If you managed to make it out to Fort Mason, we hope that you feel the same way AND got to make and create with the B+C team. Here’s a quick wrap-up of our favorite make stations and the sponsors that made it all possible!

As you entered Re:Make at Fort Mason, there’s no way you could have missed the huge paint-by-numbers mural by Lowe’s. It was pretty neat to watch the mural go from black and white on Friday to a bright view of the Golden Gate Bridge on Saturday. All thanks to you guys, of course!

Lowe’s also set up three separate photo booths, provided insta-printed photos, AND allowed festival-goers to step into the living room of the future. Um… can you say C-O-O-L?

Did you stop by the Michaels Raw Bar? Of course you did. This was total DIY-heaven and we’re not even sure there was a limit on the number of creative projects you could make here! In addition to the Raw Bar, Michaels also gave all conference attendees the supplies to make and paint snazzy cork vases in #MakeBreaks. Can we have #MakeBreaks everyday, please?

Hands down, Wilton had the *sweetest* make station at Re:Make. Not only did the sugar cookie props make for the best Instagram photos, they also provided that little extra sugar rush to keep us DIY-ing (and shopping!).

Don’t even get us started on the cute IZZE totes that you could paint on Saturday! Such a great DIY project, and the VERY best way to carry all of our Re:Make purchases around. Also, Friday’s post-conference cocktail hour featured three exclusive IZZE cocktail drinks. Bottoms up!

The Hallmark DIY station was constantly jam-packed with makers. We love how the idea of sending personal greeting cards is back in style. Sometimes, a text or email just doesn’t cut it.

Dear NatureBox, thank you for the delicious snacks that really kept us going. We loved trying all of the trail mixes on Day 2, and we were super appreciative of the NatureBox recharge snack station on Day 1. #makersgonnaKEEPmaking

During Day 1’s conference, TechShop CEO Mark Hatch made a very bold statement. On the state of the maker movement, he told the audience: “If you thought the Internet was big, this is going to be bigger.” Well, Mark, we would have to agree. Festival attendees’ jaws were literally dropping at the TechShop station on Saturday. Really! People were standing there gaping at the sight of 3D printers and laser cutters and all things new and cool in tech in action. Just want to say, told you so. ;) #3Dprinting

The LEGO station at Re:Make truly proved that you are never too old to build and create with tiny plastic bricks. Thank goodness for that.

Did you see the Brit + Co team walking around with great, beachy hair? Well thanks to the Yes To booth, festival attendees could get pampered and primped. Love it!

Beacon Adhesives gave festival-goers the chance to do a good ol’ fashioned paper, scissors and glue craft. As for the writer of this article (hi there!), my paper California artwork is hanging prominently on my fridge.

Did you get a chance to play with the eBrush at the Craftwell station? We don’t think we’ll ever be able to wear shoes not DIYed with this crazy cool tool ever again :(

Method invited us to share our deepest, funniest, dirtiest secrets at their photo booth. Okay, we admit it – we text in the bathroom. And we might wear our swimsuit bottoms when we run out of laundry. #oops

Did you hit up the LUNA Bar booth and try all of their brand new flavors? WE DID! We still cannot decide which is our favorite: Lemon Vanilla vs. Chocolate Coconut Almond. You should weigh in in the comments below!

We’re officially hooked on Philz Coffee. The company’s mantra is “one cup at a time” and each one was definitely made with a lotta love. Thanks for keeping us going, Philz.

Yep, we’re already using our Blurb bookmarks. How were we just folding corners and using receipts before? Psh. This is a definite upgrade.

Here at Brit + Co, several employees may have all worn their Forever 21 DIY headbands on the same day… It was unintentional, we swear! The headbands are just so cute and our photo booth outtakes are just so awesome…

We want to go to work/school everyday in the Yoobi bus — how cool would that be? It totally made us feel like a kid again, which is always a good thing. Plus, the giant inflatable Twister board. Don’t lie… you could have stayed there playing all day. Well, if there wasn’t a DIY station still to check off your list.

What did you think of Re:Make? What was your favorite part? Let us know in the comments below.