Guys, things are getting real. Re:Make Austin is LESS than a month away. That’s right, in less than one month we’ll be transforming Palmer Events Center into a world of making, creating and shopping. There’ll be 3D printers and handmade goods… oh, and an Instagram photo booth for lots and LOTS of Instagramming. #hashtagselfie

Still looking for more reasons to sign up? We have 10 (plus a bonus) stylish reasons that Re:Make Austin is where you want to be on May 3rd and 4th. Be sure to head here, here or here to register STAT.

1. Geometric Cutout Necklace ($28): When we discovered the jewelry from the folks at A Quiet Curiosity, we instantly fell in love. What more can you ask for than these bright colors and simple shapes? We’re adding these to our to-buy list right now. (via A Quiet Curiosity)

2. Arrows Open Back Top ($38): It’s not a secret that we have a *slight* obsession with arrows these days, and it’s bound to pop up more than once at Re:Make. We’re totally digging the casual style of this backless number. Oh, and doesn’t it look incredibly comfy? (via eleventy five)

3. Gilded Amethyst Slice Necklace ($54): This gorgeous purple necklace ROCKS. Get it ;) Okay, but seriously. The gold detailing combined with this stunning purple pendant is both beautiful and stunning. (via estieMade)

4. Elephant Wristlet ($38): Alright people, real talk. No wardrobe is complete without the perfect wristlet. Thats right, we know you’re looking for something bright, something fun, and something you can just grab on the go. Well the folks at lallitara know a good wristlet when they see one, and you won’t want to miss these. (via lallitara)

5. Druzy Stone Earrings ($38): We’re going to let you in on a little style secret right here from Brit HQ. Nearly half of the ladies in our office have these earrings. They’re the perfect pair of casual ear candy (if you will) — simple, classic, with a little pop of color. (via lydali)

6. Circular Chevron Pendant Necklace ($26): This geometric pendant necklace just happens to be our latest laser cut obsession. (via MakeATX)

7. Dreams Matter Tote ($18): It’s totes true that there’s no such thing as too many totes. From grocery shopping to farmers’ markets and picnics, you’ll always find an excuse to have just one more tote. By the way, did you catch the arrow at the bottom? #obsession (via Matter Inc)

8. Gold Striped Nautical Necklace ($120): Now for a short break from all the amazing laser cut jewelry — we have gold-dipped porcelain jewelry. Our friends at Porcelain and Stone sure know their speckled stoneware :) (via Porcelain and Stone)

9. Grey Long Contrast Dress ($143): This dress might be the definition of casual chic. Seriously! It’s classic, a tad bit tribal, and the soft jersey material makes it oh-so-cozy. (via Raven + Lily)

10. Amelia Necklace ($85): Austin, get ready. The folks from Spark + Pepper are coming with us all the way from San Francisco. This dainty necklace might be the everyday piece you need to add to your jewelry collection. (via Spark + Pepper)

Bonus! Wearable Planter Ring ($20): Who needs diamonds when you can just wear flowers? The folks at Wearable Planters make jewelry for people who *literally* want a green thumb. (via Wearable Planters)

Now, stop procrastinating, it’s time to register for Re:Make Austin! Who are you excited to see at Re:Make Austin? Tell us in the comments below!