World traveler? Jetsetter? Globetrotter? Business tripper? No matter how often you frequent the airport, the most frustrating part is the waiting. You rush, rush, rush to get to the airport on time, just to find that there’s one person ahead of you in the security line and your flight has been delayed, giving you four hours to kill before your flight. Sure, you could pull out your laptop and take advantage of the free WiFi (you don’t want to miss any Brit + Co. posts), you could read some trashy mags (but then what will you do on the flight?), you could even grab a less-than-satisfying bite to eat. OR, you could take a nice, relaxing nap on your foldable airport bed. #Winning

No pillow? No problem. This new portable mat called Resmo just solved all your problems. Well, not all of them. But all of the ones that involve layovers and flight delays. And no, it’s not just a repurposed yoga mat. Designed by Chien-Hui Ko, the Resmo is a compact, foldable floor mat that turns into a comfortable bed or a chair, wherever you are, no matter which airport you’re involuntarily hanging out in.

We know we just blew your mind, so we’ll give you a minute.

The coolest part about the mat is the insane technology that went into its design. First of all, it can be folded and unfolded a bunch of different ways, so whether you want a chair or a bed, it’s got you covered. The Resmo has built-in support for a backrest and a built-in shield that gives you privacy and blocks out noise. Plus, the felt material it’s made of was designed to reduce the hustling and bustling sounds of the airport. Traveling with your boo? You can put Resmos side by side to create a little pod just for the two of you.

Not only is this portable piece of furniture lightweight, but it’s super easy to store and transport. It’s now still in its concept phase, but when it goes to market, you’ll never have to lay on the bare terminal floor again.

Ready to roll out your RESMO? Let us know if you’re on board in the comments below!