Need to find a gift for the person who doesn’t want anything but a boarding pass? Never fear, there are lots of items that will excite your jet setting friends, from chic weekender bags to funky travel art. Whether they need something they can take on their next adventure or want a gift that captures the essence of their favorite exotic locales, these 20 travel gifts will be sure to delight even the most worldly of travelers.

1. Hand Drawn Map ($100): This hand drawn map has been printed on self-healing cork board so anyone can easily pin where they have traveled or where they want to go.

2. Emergency Kit ($16): The perfect little addition to any carry-on, this pretty kit has everything anyone might need — whether you’re stuck in a roach motel or just need a quick deodorant touch-up.

3. Gold Compass Necklace ($25): Alright, so it won’t always steer them in the right direction, but a compass-inspired necklace is just plain good-looking, okay?

4. Global Cork Board ($48): There’s something incredibly satisfying about pinning real-life images and objects on a cork board. Your around-the-world-in-80-days pal can cover this earthly board with pictures and ticket stubs from all of his or her adventures.

5. Universal Charger ($40): When your phone acts as a GPS, a camera and a food critic, you absolutely cannot have it die while you are traveling. Extra power will definitely be a much appreciated gift.

6. Paris: An Inspiring Tour of the City’s Creative Heart ($28): This gorgeous book takes the reader through Paris’s most charming streets, secret bakeries and flower markets with amazing photography and little tips on visiting the city.

7. Gold Elephant ($50): Know someone who would rather be on safari than anywhere else? A chic gold elephant can keep them company in their living in between jaunts to the African Sahara.

8. Wire Postcard Holder ($48): Your jet setting friend needs a place to display postcards and photos from all her friends abroad.

9. Bonjour Pillowcases ($30): These adorable cases will have you dreaming of Paris all night long.

10. Travel Wallet ($48): This faux leather wallet will keep everything travel related (like your passport and boarding passes) safely organized.

11. Personalized Luggage Tag ($37): There will be no grabbing the wrong bag with this lovely, personalized leather luggage tag.

12. Bungalow Eight Scarf ($140): Every traveler knows that a scarf is an invaluable accessory, for keeping warm on chilly flights, covering up in temples and laying down on the beach.

13. iPad Folio Case ($140): The perfect little case for keeping your iPad right alongside the rest of your travel documents. This case also includes a pad which will come in handy for quick notes.

14. Grazalema Cosmetic Pouch ($98): You can’t go wrong with tribal, and this bag will make sure cosmetics stay properly stored through all those layovers.

15. Illustrated Aerial Maps ($19): These fun retro maps are perfect for the contemporary traveler. They are available in a wide variety of cities, from Amsterdam to Moscow.

16. Rose Gold Headphones ($150): Good headphones are invaluable when you are traveling. These elegant rose gold ones will do more than just block out the screaming baby. They will keep the owner styling the whole flight.

17. Travel Journal ($10): Every traveler needs a little notebook to write down memories, directions and sketches of sites seen.

18. Aesop Jet Set Kit ($35): Nothing is more frustrating than getting to your hotel after a long flight and only finding one flimsy bottle of non-committal shampoo/conditioner/body wash. Make sure your traveler treats him or herself right with this travel set of purposeful products.

19. Chalkboard Globe ($360): Let them have fun designing their own little world with this chalkboard globe.

20. Personalized Dessert Plates ($78): Choose from some of our favorite cities, Paris, London, New York, Seattle and San Francisco. Then add a little personalized message to make sure your traveler thinks of you every time they dish up dinner.

Would any of these gifts inspire your wanderlust? Let us know in the comments below!