Whether it’s a fitness app that links to your Facebook and tells your friends how many miles you ran or an app that controls the music playing on your speakers while simultaneously tweeting your favorite songs, if it doesn’t have a social component, it’s hardly an app. And your contacts list is about to get on that social aspect too — with Rinbw.


Imagine if Snapchat and your status update had a baby. Can you picture it? That’s Rinbw. This phonebook, er, we mean “fun book,” as the Rinbw developers like to call it, is an app that shows five-second-long, looped clips of a user’s current situation. The idea stemmed from Rinbw’s CEO and founder Itay Adams’ 11-year-old son. Adams’ son said he wanted to create an app that would easily allow his baby sister, who can’t read yet, to call their grandparents. Clearly, The Most Adorable Big Brother Award goes to this kid.


With Rinbw, you see what your bestie is up to before you give her or him a ring. All your friends with Rinbw can update their statuses by replacing their old clip with a new one. Like Snapchat, you’ll never get to see the old clip once it’s gone. If you like it or want to let your friend know that you saw it, you can double tap their contact profile and “Fruit” it. Fruiting a clip sends your friends a notification saying you saw their latest status. The Rinbw developers decided to use fruit because the whole team behind Rinbw is vegan. Cute idea.

Besides personalizing your phone book, Rinbw can be a useful tool to let your friends know what you’re up to. If you’re on your way into a big meeting, you can record yourself walking toward the conference room. That five-second clip will save you from your boss’s death glare if your friend happens to forget about your “Meeting in 10! Ttyl” text.

Can’t wait to try Rinbw? You can download it on iOS for free and turn your phone book into a fun book!

Are you excited to make some fun Rinbw statuses or do you prefer the classic phonebook layout? Let us know in the comments!