We love a good robot at Brit + Co. But robotic fish? That’s new, even for us. The epic mind of Chan Yeop Jeong has combined robotic fish with elegant design and sustainability to improve the way that we all approach our favorite chore: laundry.

Chan’s idea is called Pecera, and it’s made up of a collection of robot fish, which she calls Dofi, that will clean your clothes in a tank of water sans detergent. And supposedly… they will ACTUALLY be clean!

Chan got the idea from “doctor fish,” little aquatic critters popular in Europe and Asia for giving pedicures where they nibble at your feet until they’re clean. Hey, don’t knock it until you try it.

Pecera is a sustainable way to wash clothes. The little guppies are hydro powered, and a camera in them can detect dirt. The robot fish use that camera to find and suck dirt out of clothes. The method is safe for your favorite textiles, too, since there is no oxidation or discoloration of fabric from detergent.

Chan’s concept is currently in Stage 3 of the Electrolux Design Lab competition. Next, six finalists will be selected with a winner announced in November. Stay tuned to see if robotic fish will be cleaning your underoos anytime soon.

We’re curious to know what you think! Is a washing machine full of robotic fish an appliance for your futuristic dream home? Or do you prefer to stick to your standard suds? Share you laundry list below!

(h/t PSFK)