The holidays are upon us: flights are booked, bags are packed (or, almost packed) and it’s almost time to hit the road. But when you have tots in tow, stress levels always seem to go from zero to 100 real quick. Luckily, pregnancy concierge and maternity + baby clothing designer Rosie Pope, who happens to be a mom of four herself, has some key tips to help you get through the transit with ease.

1. Rack up the miles. No, we’re not talking about frequent flyer miles (though you should get on that too!). Instead, create a system where your kids can “earn miles” with good behavior, like not crying, not complaining, etc. They can then exchange those miles for rewards like ice cream, a present or a suitable reward.

2. The journey is part of the adventure. This one’s on the parents to shift their own perspective! If you realize that the car ride/flight/train/bus is part of your kids’ exciting travel experience, it might help you be a little more understanding and tolerant of how worked up they get.

Brother and sister sharing digital tablet in back seat of car

3. Pack the right gear. There’s nothing worse than being 30 minutes into a six-hour flight and having your infant spit up all over you. Definitely remember to pack a change of clothes for yourself + baby in your carry on. Travel with an umbrella stroller for easy stowing and bring a sound machine (or download an app!) to help your baby sleep in strange new places. Rosie’s secret weapon for keep a little one entertained: a box of Band-Aids. Sure, that might come in handy for cuts and scrapes, but it’s also a genius tool for keep children occupied. They’ll LOVE peeling open and sticking those cool bandages everywhere.

4. It’s your vacation too. Just remember it’s your time off as well. While that doesn’t mean time off from being a parent, if you can sneak in a little me-time here or there, DO IT. And sometimes, when everything is bonkers, it’s best to just stop fighting it. “Surrender to the madness,” Rosie advises. The best way to have fun is to just give in.

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