The stars of Buffy the Vampire Slayer may be divided over the possibility of a reboot (though fans are certainly TOTALLY into the idea), but there’s one thing no one can argue about, and that’s how darn good the cast is still looking these days. Proving that they’re as hot as ever, Buffy’s star, Sarah Michelle Gellar, posted reunion pics with her two main love interests from back in the day, and OMG, they’re looking fiiiine.

Sarah Michelle Gellar

Currently celebrating the 20th anniversary of the serie’s debut (yep, it’s been 20 years!), the cast reunited for a stellar Entertainment Weekly photoshoot to the delight of fans who love the show as much today as they did when Buffy slayed her first vampire.

But now, 39-year-old Sarah Michelle Gellar has shared a few of her own pics featuring herself along with her two love interests, Spike (54-year-old James Marsters) and Angel (47-year-old David Boreanaz), and they’re totally blowing people’s minds because, well, just take a look…

The first pic shows Gellar and Marsters getting in close and cozy for a shot together, and while it’s hard to miss the lack of Spike’s bleach blonde hair, other than that, these two have barely changed! Fans were quick to leave comments like “😍😍😍😍😭💖” and “Spike wil always be my favourite character, your chemistry with James was the best chemistry on TV. #SpuffyForever.”

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And while the #TeamSpike vs. #TeamAngel battle will seemingly rage on forever, Sarah Michelle Gellar was also sure to share a pic of herself with her other Buffy love, David Boreanaz. Fans were just as excited over this heartwarming and heart-wrenching image, leaving comments like, “My heart can’t even!! Like!!!” and “😃👏👏👏 Angel and Buffy forever💓.”

It’s clear that the love for Buffy and her fellas can’t be slayed as easily as a pesky vampire.

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