We all ideally want to be on a healthy eating schedule. But despite out best efforts — like prepping healthy food for the week on Monday — by Wednesday, the feeling that garlic fries would sure be nice is hard to shake. When the weekend finally rolls around, we’re dying for our cheat day. (Read: pizza). If this sounds like you, you’re not alone. And we’re not the only ones who are right there with ya. According to the fine folks over at Caviar, as the week progresses, so do our cravings — er, need — for unhealthier food.

Close up of a woman eating pizza with her friends.

Caviar, a food ordering/delivery site that describes itself as “the easiest way to order from America’s best independent restaurants,” took a look at their data from last year and found that there is a “noticeable upward trend in orders of categorically unhealthy items as the week progressed, with unhealthy food deliveries peaking in the middle of the weekend on Saturdays at 59 percent.” Yep. Looks like people like to let loose when it’s the freakin’ weekend — and that same mentality extends to their diets too.


But we start out the week with such good intentions! “Orders of healthy items started out strong as customers kissed the weekend goodbye, accounting for 52 percent of deliveries made on Mondays — but those continued to taper down throughout the week.” So if you give in to your greasy, fried, cheese-covered cravings in the midst of a wild weekend, just know that you’re definitely not alone.

*Wonders if it’s too early in the week for some delicious cheese-smothered tacos*

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(Infographic via Caviar, photos via Getty)