Uber has offered up some wild services besides their 24/7 access to an on-demand car — private jets, messages in the sky, spring cleaning help, kittens for cuddling, um, air conditioner pickup — but a wedding might be their craziest stunt yet.

To celebrate (or cash in on?) Pride weekend here in San Francisco, the car service will let couples request a ride and enter in the raffle of (the rest of) their lives: an all-inclusive, all-expenses paid wedding. The only “ride” Uber is actually supplying will be the one they’ll send you on to your eventual honeymoon.

You provide the necessary paperwork plus the partner (v. important) and Uber pretty much takes care of the rest. When UberWEDDING pulls up, it’s bringing an on-site notary to help you secure your marriage license, a violinist to play you down the aisle, flowers and candles for your walk and a cake + champagne to celebrate after. They’ll even supply you with vows if you don’t want to write your own. In the weeks following your ceremony, HotelTonight and Alaska Airlines will hook you up with a honeymoon. For free.

San Francisco couples, same sex or not, can open up their Uber app on Saturday, June 28 between noon and 6pm, select the little black heart icon for the UberWEDDING option and drop the pickup pin wherever they would like their ceremony to take place. Here’s hoping Uber can fix whatever glitch in their software makes it impossible for drivers to find the (even Foursquare-guided!) dropped pins now. Just sayin’.

It doesn’t get much more modern than getting hitched in under an hour by the power vested in us by the app of Uber. There’s traditional, there’s non-traditional and then there’s hiring your go-to taxi to double as your wedding planner. Maybe app-based weddings are the Vegas chapels of our future… or maybe this is a publicity stunt that will serve up some negative PR for Uber come Monday.

What do you think of UberWEDDING? Would you get hitched with an app? What are your Pride Wedding plans? Share below!