It鈥檚 hard to compete with a gorgeous Florida sunset, but Kelsey and A.J.鈥檚 Clearwater Beach, FL, DIY wedding was totally up to the task. The couple鈥檚 laid-back, seaside decor 鈥 most of which was DIYed 鈥 set the tone for a relaxed, beachy vibe. Ready to geek out over this wedding鈥檚 nautical flair? Read on to discover how Kelsey鈥檚 crafty DIYing got her celebration in ship-shape.


1. Embossed Invitations: When it comes to wedding invitations, stamps are a DIYer鈥檚 best friend (along with mad Photoshop skills, of course). Kelsey designed these wedding invitations herself, leaving room at the bottom of each for a nautically themed embossed image. She picked up the nautical stamps at Michaels and used embossing powders to create a 鈥渞aised鈥 image.


2. Sassy Sailboat Place Cards: For these cute place cards, Kelsey employed some origami magic and聽her fiance鈥檚 idle hands. She printed out each guest鈥檚 name on seaside-themed scrapbook paper and then folded them into origami sailboats. 鈥淎.J. is now a pro at this!鈥 she said.


3. Ocean-esque Accents: For the centerpieces, Kelsey rounded up classic ocean accents聽鈥斅爈ike coral and sea glass 鈥 and arranged them artfully on antique silver trays. The best part? The centerpieces didn鈥檛 go to waste post-wedding! 鈥淚 love the weathered nature of聽anything that looks like it has been left on the beach for too long,鈥 said Kelsey. 鈥淢ost of our wedding decor is actually displayed throughout our home now.鈥


4. Come Sail Away: Kelsey鈥檚 mom put her creativity to work to come up with table numbers that fit with the seaside theme perfectly. For the sails, Kelsey鈥檚 mom simply painted numbers on triangles of canvas fabric. The body of the boats were actually聽blocks made from scrap wood that she painted, sanded and left outside for a month (letting the rain and sun work its magic). Now that鈥檚 some DIY dedication right there!


5. Pops of Pink: To liven up the centerpieces with a little color, Kelsey scattered聽aqua bottles of different sizes and shades on painted and weathered wooden blocks to vary their heights. She then had her florist add small bits of coral and pink flowers to the bottles for an extra dose of color. We love how all that aqua and coral brightens up the canvas and driftwood accents.


6. Get Cork-y: When guests got to their tables, they were greeted by sweet little DIYed place card holders made from three wine corks tied together with string and topped off with a delicate airplant. 鈥淲e thought the place card holder聽looked like a small dock,鈥 said Kelsey. Plus, guests could take the place card holders home and use them to display a photo or two.


7. Made With Love: Seashells + a seaside wedding = the perfect laid-back decor. Kelsey鈥檚 mom put her glue gun to work by attaching colorful shells to a simple 16 x 20 frame, which Kelsey then used to display one of her favorite engagement photos. Everybody say 鈥渁www.鈥


8. Fish Lips: Ombre is in, and that includes wedding cakes. The stunning three-tiered dessert聽faded from deep aqua to soft blue, with a pair of shabby chic wooden fish to top it all off.


9. First Look: Nifty nautical DIYed decor aside, Kelsey鈥檚 hands-down favorite wedding moment was the couple鈥檚 鈥渇irst look鈥 before the ceremony. 鈥淲e chose to write and read vows to each other at that time, so it was a private and deeply personal moment,鈥 said Kelsey. 鈥淚t was the only moment that was solely ours.鈥

Congrats, Kelsey and AJ!


Photography: Ashlee Hamon Photography

Wedding coordinator: Kelley Williams

Wedding Venue/Caterer: Carlouel Yacht Club

Florist: Caritas Illuminata

Hair & Make-Up: Crystal Broedel

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