We’ve all heard about self-driving cars — heck, some of us have even seen them driving around! — and we’re really excited to see if they can cut down on automobile accidents. But what about those other vehicles on the road? Trucks can be just as dangerous as cars if not larger, traveling faster and all around even more so, particularly when drivers are drowsy or distracted after an insanely long shift behind the wheel. What if those drivers didn’t have to, you know, drive?

A new self-driving truck from Daimler could drive autonomously, avoiding hazards like traffic, obstacles and tricky weather, freeing up the driver to work on other things (or take a nap!) behind the wheel.

This truck was recently tested on the Autobahn and the manufacturer believes the technology could be ready to be taken more mainstream within the next five years, with self-driving trucks on the road as soon as 2025, as long as laws will allow it.

As anyone who has taken a long road trip can attest, being behind the wheel for too long definitely takes its toll on your ability to drive safely. It’s why stopping for coffee or a quick bite or rest is really essential after a couple hours. As more self-driving cars and trucks like this hit the road, they will likely be able to communicate with one another, preventing traffic jams and maintaining a more constant but still safe speed. Considering the length of the trips taken by most truck drivers, this seems like a game changer in terms of safety to all.

What do you think about self-driving trucks? Does it sound like a way to cut down on accidents or a disaster waiting to happen? Sound off in the comments!