While music festivals are banning the selfie stick and some museums are banning photography completely, this art museum in Manila, called Art In Island, is actually embracing the selfie. Each art display at this museum is specifically designed with the selfie portrait in mind. Here, the point isn’t just to look at art, but to pose for photos with it. No guards are lurking around the corner to snatch your camera, and you are encouraged to touch all the art pieces. So while this museum may not be the best place to work on your art history or gaze at great works of art, it sure does look like a lot of fun.

The founders of the selfie museum encourage visitors to have fun interacting with the art, instead of just looking around quietly like at a normal museum. You’ll never leave without proof that you were there. This museum wants you to touch, sit on and climb through 3D versions of famous paintings. Some of the pieces even have portions missing so you can complete the picture.

Now you can get your duck face on with the Mona Lisa or let your Instagram fans think you’re a part of Starry Night. Instead of being offended by the museum’s quirky way of approaching masterpieces, think of it as a playground for art lovers. The whole museum takes about two hours to go through, making it perfect for a quick breeze through art history and a fun way to get kids — and adult kids — interested in art.

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(h/t Hyperallergic)