Selfies have come a long way, and they’re gonna keep getting crazier with the help of accessories. Hey, selfie stick and BelfieStick, you’ve got some competition. In case you’re already over those selfie extension devices, there’s now a way to plump up your lips to nail that perfect shot the (kind of) natural way.


The newest selfie enhancing device, hyperLip, is a plastic lip mold that was originally created by French artist Sascha Nordmeyer. All you have to do to make your selfie a standout with this piece is lick your lips and put it in place.


The hyperLip was originally created as a piece of art and showcased in 2011’s Talk to Me exhibit at MoMa in New York. After its successful run there, the artist turned the plastic mouthpiece into a photo series, which created a buzz so loud they had to be made available to the selfie-obsessed public. LA brand Artecnica began selling them so people could enhance their own selfies. Have no fear, East Coast fans, the hyperLip is also coming to the MoMA Store in the Spring for only $10. Not a bad price to make some seriously memorable selfies.

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(h/t Yahoo! Tech)