Bookworms and aspiring readers, listen up! Ever wish you could tune in every week to the written word instead of your DVR queue? Serialized fiction may not exactly be a new thing, but Serial Box may be a tech-obsessed bibliophile’s dream come true. Every week, Serial Box publishes short stories that rival your favorite TV shows.

Serials are released in seasons consisting of 13-16 episodes, with new episodes available every Wednesday. Each episode takes about 40 minutes to listen to or read. Just like your favorite shows, each episode builds up over the course of a season to form a greater season arc.


Episodes are available to purchase individually by text and/or audio, or you can subscribe for $1.59 per episode for text and audio. They’re available for purchase via Serial Box, iBooks and Amazon.

While some of our favorite shows are on break (we’re looking at you, Pretty Little Liars), it sounds like our commutes and lunch breaks just got a whole lot more interesting.

Will you be binge-reading Serial Box’s short stories? Let us know in the comments!

(h/t Serial Box)