Bookworms and aspiring readers, listen up! Ever wish you could tune in every week to the written word instead of your DVR queue? Serialized fiction may not exactly be a new thing, but Serial Box may be a tech-obsessed bibliophile鈥檚 dream come true. Every week, Serial Box publishes short stories that rival your favorite TV shows.

Serials are released in seasons consisting of 13-16 episodes, with new episodes available every Wednesday. Each episode takes about 40 minutes to listen to or read. Just like your favorite shows, each episode builds up over the course of a season to form a greater season arc.


Episodes are available to purchase individually by text and/or audio, or you can subscribe for $1.59 per episode for text and audio. They鈥檙e available for purchase via Serial Box , iBooks and Amazon .

While some of our favorite shows are on break (we鈥檙e looking at you, Pretty Little Liars ), it sounds like our commutes and lunch breaks just got a whole lot more interesting.

Will you be binge-reading Serial Box鈥檚 short stories? Let us know in the comments!

(h/t Serial Box )