Matija Erceg, a web developer based in Vancouver, is bringing “serious” design to Instagram with his Instagram account, @seriousdesign. With a little Photoshop magic, he combines food with everyday objects to create images that are kind of jarring at first, but also quirky and a little bit whimsical. At the very least, they make you think… like, what would it be like to wear an calamari engagement ring? Would I be able to stop myself from eating it immediately? Check out his Instagram account, and you never know what questions might pop into your head.

Combining two of our favorite things, tater tots and Apple products, this image leaves us with mixed emotions. What did I do with my iPhone charger? Why am I hungry all of a sudden?

Matija incorporates a little nostalgia into his works, using objects like this retro iPod and Viewmaster, as well as all the video game controllers you used as a kid, to create his art. Coming across objects that you almost forgot about makes his Instagram feed even more fun… when it isn’t grossing you out.

Matija started this project when he saw a photo of flip-flops with steak soles, and he couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like to wear them. “I wanted to evoke the same reaction of delightful disgust in other people, so I set off on a mission to pair food and everyday objects into ‘serious designs,’” he told Instagram. We’re still imagining how messed up our clothes would be if we used a pizza iron.

Evoking images of Lady Gaga’s meat dress, these meat sunglasses probably would have completed Gaga’s ensemble. Although, she would have had a hard time making it down the red carpet.

Matjia has said he’s considering venturing into the world of sculpture and turning his Instagram creations into 3D works of art. A real life version of these egg roll sticks of dynamite would make for a mighty tasty art exhibit.

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