Every literature geek has been obsessed with the Bard at one point in their lives. My fascination for Shakespeare, for example, led me to become an extremely dorky sixth grade panorama enthusiast. From insults that can still make a high school class roar with laughter to complex characters and plots that you can see in almost every city in the world, Shakespeare is more relevant than ever before (way beyond inspiring one of our fave romantic movies to stream on Netflix). Sure, you might have the latest gadgets for book lovers and book apps, but we’re taking it old school for the iconic playwright’s 400th death-a-versary. Here are 15 trinkets that will make you feel Bard-iful.

Though She Be But Little Print

1. Decorart Design Though She Be But Little She is Fierce Printable ($5): Although it started as a burn in A Midsummer’s Night Dream girl fight, this iconic quote has now turned into one of the most cited #girlpower literature quotes on the web, and we absolutely love it. Adorn the wall of an office or bedroom with this gorgeous printable.

To Be or Not To Be Pouch

2. Kristin Williams to Be or Not to Be Carry-All Pouch ($18): Wait, what’s the question? Hamlet’s classic conundrum is elegantly eerie on this designer pouch.

Love Sonnets Book

3. Love Sonnets by William Shakespeare & You by Knock Knock ($15): Put your own twist on the Bard’s innovative love sonnets with this Mad Libs style fill-in-the-blank book. Don’t forget to compare your work to the original on the back.

Shakespeare Pillow

4. Ruby and Pearl Shakespeare When I Saw You, I Fell in Love Throw Pillow Cover ($25): Nobody does romantic one liners quite like Shakespeare. Up your cuddle game with this beautifully designed pillow covering from Ruby and Pearl.

Forever 21 Graphic Tee

5. Forever 21 Plus Size Love Graphic Top ($18): It’s comforting to know that even 400 years ago relationships were a complete mess, right? Show off your literary prowess with this cute plus-size long sleeve tee.

Shakespeare Journal

6. Journaland Company Writing Journal ($7): Buuuuurn. Keep your intellectual secrets hidden in this fully customizable Bard-approved journal.


7. Romeo & Julienne Chopping Board ($22): It’s pretty safe to say that Romeo and Juliet’s relationship was a little choppy. Celebrate their sacrifice with some fresh cut veggies on this elegantly crafted cutting board.

Shakespeare Scarf

8. Storiarts Romeo and Juliet Scarf ($55): It doesn’t matter whether you’re a Montague or a Capulet, this stylish scarf will look fresh on any Shakespeare lover.

Globe Shakespeare

9. Be Home Hand-Painted 12” Shakespeare Globe ($75): From Italy to North Africa, Shakespeare’s plays traveled the world. Let the Bard inspire your next creative vacation with this hand-painted globe from Be Home.

Shakespeare Necklace

10. Jezebel Charms to Thine Own Self Be True Necklace ($30): From the opening lines of Hamlet, this beautiful brass necklace is a great reminder to live your authentic life, just as the Bard intended.

Shakespeare Lip Balm

11. Accoutrements Shakespearean Lip Balm Set ($9): Shakespeare, Hamlet and Macbeth AKA the dreamboat boy band that never was. Keep them in your pocket with this collectible lip balm set.

Romeo and Juliet Pencils

12. Six0six Design Shakespeare Pencil Set ($17): Designer Vanessa Scott-Hayward combines your favorite Shakespeare play on fabulously classic pencils, giving you all the incentive you need to write the next Taming of the Shrew.

Macbeth Eraser

13. Shakespeare’s Globe Macbeth “Spot” Eraser ($1): Has an unerasable mistake ever made you feel murderous? This Macbeth eraser is a punderful dream. Just be careful not to overdo it.

Shakespeare Bath Duck

14. Shakespeare’s Globe Shakespeare Bath Duck ($9): Want to read the classics in the bath but afraid of getting them soaked? Class up your me-time with a little Bard in the bath.

Shakespeare Fool Notebook

15. Obvious State Shakespeare Literary Notebook Lined Writing ($6): This graphic notebook by Obvious State combines a psychologically meaty argument with a beautiful burn, making it the perfect place to doodle away your frustrations.

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