Another week, another food obsession. We hope you've had some fun with our trio of non ice cream maker ice cream hacks. Today, we turn to gadgetry for a fun way to prepare a sweet summer treat.

The ice cream sandwich is possibly the best way to eat ice cream. I'll admit, I was the kid who always favored a classic Good Humor Vanilla ice cream sando over Drumsticks, Chocolate Eclairs, and even Banana Splits.

When we saw this adorable Mini Ice Cream Sandwich Maker, we fell instantly in love. Combine any cookie with any ice cream and turn it into a perfectly shaped bite-size treat? Sold!


– cookies! (we used Soft Baked Chocolate Chip Cookies & Oreo Cakesters)

– ice cream! (we used Breyer's Coffee, Vanilla, and Chocolate ice cream)

– tools: Mini Ice Cream Sandwich Maker

First, set up your staging area. Use two flat surfaces. One for cookies, and one for ice cream. You'll want the ice cream to soften a little bit, but not too much. Gotta work quickly for this one!

Use the sandwich cutter to cut your first layer of cookie. Then push it into the ice cream. Then one more cookie. Voila! Cookiewich! Place in the freezer while you prepare the next one.

Repeat with an Oreo Cakester for a creamy meta sandwich.

Be sure to put each sandwich in the freezer as soon as you've made it.

Assemble on a cake platter, tray, or colorful plate and serve as soon as you take out of the freezer!

What ice cream recipes are you excited to try now that the air is warming up? Let us know on Twitter or on the Brit & Co. Facebook page.