Hey, first-time mama, we know that new baby of yours is the number-one thing on your mind. Scratch that. They’re the only thing on your mind. Everything is new, and you’re all about sharing this super-magical experience with everyone as you make the most of your maternity leave and treasure all the moments you’ll miss when they’re not a baby anymore. Before you go off on your next mommy monologue, take a moment to think about what your BFF is really ready to hear. Yeah, they want the scoop, but they might not need every single detail.

A laughing woman holds her baby as a friend tosses a balloon

A Few Things Your Friends Want to Hear

1. The Birth Stats: Baby’s weight, length, and time of birth are at the top of your friends’ “tell me everything about the big birth day” lists. You don’t necessarily have to open with, “Want to hold the baby, and by the way — she’s six pounds five ounces,” but it’s a pretty good bet that anyone inquiring about the birth wants to hear this info. If you’re not doing a face-to-face with those who want to know, send out the stats in a good ol’-fashioned paper birth announcement.

2. Major Milestones: Every little new look, blink, gurgle, and gulp seems oh-so-special to you (and you’ve got a phone filled with pics to prove it). Your absolute best friends may share in these teeny-tiny joys, but everyone else is more interested in the major milestones. Share your little one’s first smile, their first coo, and the first time your baby rolls over with the pride that only a mama can. Oh, and share the photos, videos, and FB posts too!

Three smiling women, two of them holding babies, laugh together over lunch

3. Current (or Future) Size: No, not your baby’s stats again. Your close friends, coworkers, and others in your inner circle may be superbly excited to buy lots of crazy-cute little clothes, so they need to know exactly what size your baby wears. Does your kiddo have a major wardrobe in their current size already? They don’t need yet another adorably awesome onesie right now, but they might in a few months. If your little one’s closet is filled to the max, share their next size up with those generous gift-giver friends of yours.

4. Their Favorite Things: As your baby grows, they’ll start favoring certain toys, a blankie, a specific paci, a book, or just about anything else. They adore their fab fave so much that they carry it around with them 24/7. And it’s adorable. Your BFFs will chuckle when you share your stories about your lovey’s lovey. Then there’s the bonus — now everyone will know the answer to what to buy for baby.

5. What Mama Life Is Like: Your friends without kids have no clue. Seriously. Well, neither did you! Now that you’re a mommy, you have the chance to tell your would-be parent friends the real deal. That doesn’t mean you need to frighten them off with tales of sleepless nights, baby barf, and diapers filled with something that looks like alien goo. Give your BFF who’s TTC the rundown on the highs, lows, and kind of cool ways that parenting has changed your attitude, relationship, and life.

Two friends sit on a bench with their babies while a third sits on the sidewalk to take a photo of them

A Couple Things They Don’t

1. The Gory Details: There’s such a thing as TMI when it comes to babies and birth. It doesn’t matter how close your friend is: There’s almost no chance they want to hear about what your hoo-ha looked like the moment the baby came out. They also don’t want to hear about your mucus plug, your kiddo’s circumcision, the first major poop the baby took, the first major poop you took after having the baby, your episiotomy, the stitches that you got after your episiotomy, or anything else that is just too private (or icky) to tell.

2. The Scary Stuff: Even if your BFF doesn’t have kids, they might want them someday. Yes, having a new baby is totally nerve-wracking. Your baby’s floppy neck makes you feel like you’re going to break them every time you try to get their onesie on, and there are so many things that could possibly go wrong you can’t sleep at night (even when your baby stays in dreamland for more than 30 minutes at a time). Your friends don’t want to focus on the negative, and you probably don’t want to either. Skip the scary stuff and stick with the positive. There’s plenty of it!

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